Sardinian nature

Sardinia’s nature has a green side, too - endless, untouched forests such as the Foresta del Sulcis. Hiking trails that weave through mountains enveloped in the scent of maquis. Or mysterious caves like the Neptune's Grotto near Alghero. The Sardinia team would be happy to help you choose exciting tours. Plan now!

Caves and Grottes

Sardinia’s caves and grottoes unveil a stunningly beautiful underground world: intriguing stalactite formations, underground lakes and mossy walls transform these natural beauties into fairytale landscapes. Some of the over 300 caves are accessible to tourists.

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Flora and Fauna

Sardinia’s animal and plant world is truly fascinating: deer, rare birds and one of Europe’s last herds of wild horses roam free amongst the fragrant, colourful vegetation. National parks and protected areas preserve this natural wealth.

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Sardinia’s mountains are a paradise for hikers and explorers - and a protected retreat for Sardinia's fascinating wildlife. From the rugged, wild Supramonte massif to the soft hills of Gennargentu, Sardinia’s mountainous landscape offers endless diversity.

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Rivers and Lakes

Sardinia’s interior is laced with fascinating watercourses: the powerful Flumendosa meanders through ravines and flows into the sea at Muravera. Another typical Sardinian feature are its picturesque lakes and lagoons full of flamingos and rare birds, such as the Stagno di Feraxi. These lakes are usually located behind beaches, revealing truly breathtaking scenery.

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