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Our most popular videos - new every week: immerse yourself in crystal clear water, stroll through the fish market in Cagliari or take part in the St. Efisio festival.

Sardinia: Skydiving - Ogliastra

Experience with us the crystal clear water of Sardinia from a completely new perspective and get your adrenalin flowing!

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Costa Rei - endless beach in the southeast of Sardinia

Costa Rei is the king coast of Sardinia - because here an 8 km long, bright white sandy beach enchants sun lovers, families and water sports enthusiasts.

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Mercato di San Benedetto - Cagliari

In the heart of the Sardinian capital Cagliari, in the very south of the island, is the Mercato di San Benedetto, the market of Saint Benedict.

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Sardinia's festivals: Sant'Efisio

When Sardinia celebrates, it's colourful: Christian and pagan customs, medieval spectacles and colourful costume parades - the Sardinians have always known how to celebrate.

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