Rivers and Lakes

Sardinia’s interior boosts fascinating watercourses like the powerful Flumendosa. Also its picturesque lakes and lagoons full of flamingos and rare birds are stunning. Discover now!


Sardinia’s water: wild rivers and fascinating lakes

Sardinia’s interior is laced with fascinating watercourses: the powerful Flumendosa meanders through ravines and flows into the sea at Muravera. Another typical Sardinian feature are its picturesque lakes and lagoons full of flamingos and rare birds, such as the Stagno di Feraxi. These lakes are usually located behind beaches, revealing truly breathtaking scenery.

The star of Sardinia is undoubtedly the Caribbean-like sea. But even if the island’s interior is much drier than the coast, it is home to stunning watercourses, just like the only natural lake, the small Lago Baratz near Argentiera.

A few large rivers trough through the romantic and majestic mountains towards the coast. The Flumendosa flows through the southern region of Barbagia to Muravera on the south-east coast. Its deep gullies form a natural barrier and its course is interrupted by three dams with lakes. The landscape of the Sarrabus region, through which the Flumendosa weaves, is astonishingly diverse and features plains and ridges, ponds and the sea. In summer, it is a lethargic waterway with reedy banks, densely covered in pink oleander and fruit trees. The Flumendosa valley near Muravera contains numerous prehistoric cultural sites, such as sacred wells and menhirs. Along its course, the Flumendosa offers stunning bathing opportunities and natural pools that are the perfect place to explore the wild side to Sardinia’s nature.

The sinuous, 20-kilometre-long Lago Omodeo is Italy’s largest artificial inland lake. Here, amidst the wild and rocky mountain landscape stand two imposing walls that dam the Tirso, which flows through the Oristano hinterland in western Sardinia. Its banks are also abound with lush vegetation, and are cultivated by farmers. Prickly pear cacti and thick reeds fence pastures in which Vernaccia grapes, apple trees and lemon trees grow.

In addition to its surface rivers and lakes, Sardinian also has countless underground springs in every mountainous region. These bubble to the surface in grottoes and caves, often forming waterfalls.

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