Sardinian culture

Sardinia’s culture is manifold, have a look at the sites of Nora and Tharros or the Catalan influence in Alghero or the many traditional festivals. Enjoy Sardinia with all of your senses!

Arts and Crafts

Sardinia’s arts and crafts are a successful mix of aesthetics and practicality. Only regional materials like cork, sheep’s wool, silver, coral and chestnut wood are used - for unforgettable souvenirs from your sun-drenched, favourite island.

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When Sardinia celebrates, it’s always an occasion: during carnival, Easter, saint’s days or modern festivals you can see and experience strong culture and traditions.

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Sardinia’s musical panorama is traditionally fascinating: from the ancient, traditional Canto a Tenore singing through launeddas flutes all the way to modern jazz festivals - Sardinia speaks multiple musical languages. And all this in Italian, Sardinian and Catalan.

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Traditional Costumes

Sardinia’s traditional costumes reflect the deep-rooted history of the sunny island. With colourful, high-quality fabrics and artistic embroidery, they are much more than mere clothing - they are a symbol of cultures, origin and religiosity and are worn at traditional festivals.

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