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About us

Sardegna GmbH acts as an agent for the Swiss tour operator, La Sarda GmbH, for 190 select holiday residences. Additional services such as air transportation, car rental or ferry travel can be arranged comfortably through our website

If you have questions about Sardinia and our vacation houses or your arrival, we would be delighted to receive your request or your call at +49-89-99953330.

Magic Sardinia

Sardinia is known for: amiable people, magnificent landscapes, white sandy beaches, idyllic bays and turquoise, crystal clear water. Whether it be swimming vacation on the beach, active vacation with bicycle, hiking and water sports or playing golf at internationally famous, challenging 18-hole golf courses – Sardinia has something for absolutely everyone!

Let yourself be carried away by the videos of this idyllic Mediterranean island’s vacation residences and beaches.
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