Sardinian history

Sardinia’s history is fascinating and diverse. From the first human traces 200,000 years ago through Phoenician and Roman rule all the way to the present day, Sardinia is much more than just a popular holiday island. Discover more about the island’s history now!


Sardinia has always been a coveted island, and was often conquered accordingly. Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans all left their mark, often in the form of impressive buildings whose fascinating remains can still be visited today.

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Middle Ages

Sardinia reached its religious, economic and cultural zenith around 10 AD – with monumental Romanesque religious buildings, which were also inspired by the styles of Pisa, Lucca and Pistoia.

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Modern Times

In many ways, Sardinia is a modern island: regional specialities are a successful export, and Cagliari has established itself as a renowned science centre in the field of neuroscience and DNA research. Its cultural heritage is also protected.

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