Car rentals in Sardinia

Explore Sardinia for yourself: we recommend hiring a car to discover the island’s true beauty. You’ll find fair and safe offers with us and our renowned car rental partner.


Discover Sardinia with a rental car - however you wish

Explore Sardinia for yourself: With a rental car, you can enjoy the beauty of Sardinia from the very first day. After all, only those with a flexible way of getting around can discover hidden bays, endless mountain zones and mysterious caves. And because driving is very relaxed in Sardinia, it’s the perfect mode of transport for your holiday in La Paradisola, alongside bikes.

Just ask us! The Sardegna team would be happy to make you a fair, safe offer in collaboration with our renowned car hire partner Ichnusa Rent. From a small car to a mini van for the whole family, we’ll find the perfect holiday companion for you.