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Beach in front of the holiday homes in Portobello


Portobello - wild and romantic beaches with red sand

Portobello’s beach on the north-west coast of Sardinia is something truly special: red, grainy sand is framed by rugged, rocky reefs and crystal-clear water. Not far from here, the endless dream beaches of Cala Vignola stretch 25 kilometres all the way to Capo Testa. The rugged beauty of this area of the coast captivates with its serenity and the unbridled power of nature. The many rocky reefs are ideal for snorkelling and diving, making Portobello the perfect starting point for diving trips. Even dolphins pop up along the gorgeous coastal strip above Costa Paradiso. Portobello itself isn’t a town, but rather an exclusive, ecological villa estate, although Portobello beach is free to everyone.

The dream beaches near Portobello in detail


Red sand, red shimmering granite rocks and crystal-clear water: Portobello is a wild jewel, full of character and at least in the low season, beautifully quiet. In the background, aromatic maquis illuminates the scenery, adding the perfect finishing touch to the kaleidoscopic interplay of colours on this stony beach. From the car park, a signpost points the way along a maquis-lined path and pretty stone walls to the beach. 

Cala Vignola

An endless beach just a few kilometres east of Portobello: Cala Vignola enchants water lovers and sun worshippers alike with light red sand, crystal-clear water and fascinating rocky reeds. This is another favourite place for divers and snorkellers, and the flat shore also makes it ideal for families with children. Kitesurfers and windsurfers will find favourable wind conditions here, too. This beach is extremely popular in summer and offers a good infrastructure. There is a car park 50 metres from the beach.

Cala Spinosa

A little dream. Cala Spinosa is located on the Capo Testa peninsula. Surrounded by maquis shrubland, the picturesque bay is a real treat for the eyes and paradise for snorkellers. The bay is on the right, almost at the end of the Via Capo Testa, and can only be reached after a considerably challenging climb – although it’s worth it in the end!

Cala Spalmatore

Cream-coloured sand and flat, crystal-clear water: Cala Spalmatore on La Maddalena island in  north-east Sardinia is like something in a picture book. A long jetty reached out into the water, children can play here for hours, whilst rich green maquis illuminates the background. An interesting fact for Bond fans: scenes for The Spy Who Loved Me were filmed here in the late 1970s.

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A selection of the unique Sardinia stands we have put together for you:

Airview of the beach

Chia - beaches

Dream beaches in Sardinia? The Bay of Chia is home to several of them - with turquoise water, fine sand and child-friendly water.Ideal wind conditions make this part of Sardinia a hotspot for surfers, kitesurfers and sailors.


Air view of the beach of Nora with Pula and Is Molas in the background

Pulas beaches

Pula and its beaches are some of the most popular in southern Sardinia: the scarcely populated coastal region between Capo Teulada and the popular bathing area of Santa Margherita di Pula captivate visitors with a range of bays. In the bay of Nora, you can even dive to Roman ruins.



Cagliari - city beach

Poetta is Sardinia's answer to Copacabana: the idyllic beach stretches ten kilometres and is located just five kilometres from the vibrant centre of Cagliari. Here, Mediterranean and urban flair merge amidst turquoise water, sports, staffed beach resorts and quiet corners like Quartu Sant’Elena.


Bay of Torre delle Stelle, on the crystal clear sea hovers a small yacht

Torre delle Stelle

The relaxed residential area of Torre delle Stelle is surrounded by several fine sandy beaches. Genn’e Mari, Cann’e Sisa and Spiaggia di Solanas leave nothing to be desired for sun worshippers and families. All beaches offer a good infrastructure.


Panorama of the beach and lagoon of Porto Giunco


On the south-east tip of Sardinia, Villasimius and its beaches sparkle with Caribbean flair: to the left and right of the sun-drenched protected area of Capo Carbonara, turquoise bays like Cala Giunco, Spiaggia Campulongu and Punta Molentis beach mean visitors are spoilt for choice.


Wide, white sandy beach of Cala Sinzias in Sardinia

Cala Sinzias

Cala Sinzias is a family-friendly, idyllic beach that stretches 3 kilometres along the south-east coast of Sardinia. Its light, fine sand meets the sea on a beautifully flat plain, making it ideal for small children. From areas with lounger hire to quieter corners, everyone will find their perfect spot here.


Airview of Sant Elmo with its crystal clear sea, looking south

Sant Elmo - Cala Sinzias

Sant’Elmo lies at the northern end of Cala Sinzias, nestled between broom and juniper. This quieter, beautiful section of the coast features impressive granite and lava rocks, which offer a great alternative to lounging on the beach.



Costa Rei

Costa Rei is the king's coast of Sardinia - here, 8 kilometres of long, bright white sandy beach enchants sun worshippers, families and water sports enthusiasts. The beach is flat and child friendly; crystal-clear water glitters all along this unique gem of a beach.


Colourful parasols on the beach of a bay of Capo Ferrato

Capo Ferrato

At Capo Ferrato, the entire power of Sardinia is palpable: the wild rocky cape is a great place for hiking and calming the soul – and afterwards, its southern side awaits with Spiaggia di Portu Pirastu, an irresistibly tranquil beach perfect for relaxing and snorkelling.


Just a few ombrellas and people even in high season on the beach of Feraxi, Capo Ferrato


Spiaggia di Feraxi is a beach with light-coloured, fine sand on the east coast of Sardinia. Nestled between an idyllic lagoon and the turquoise sea, its location makes it something very special. Spanning three kilometres, its calm water delights both families with children and those looking for some peace and quiet.


The long beach of Torresalinas with Costa Rei in the background

Torre Salinas

Torre Salinas is a beach on the south-east coast of Sardinia - perfect for everyone who wants to enjoy a slower pace of life. The long, fine sandy beach stretches for kilometres; birds breed in the former salt pans behind. The perfect beach for families and those in search of peace and quiet.


Beach Murtas


On the east coast of Sardinia, Muravera enchants with its extensive beaches: the fine grey sand on Spiaggia di Colostrai, the thin yet endless Spiaggia di San Giovanni and the peace of Spiaggia di Cristolaxedu are guaranteed to get the hearts of all beach fans racing.


Sunrise on the beach of Orri, close to Tortoli


With a row of idyllic beaches, Tortoli is guaranteed to impress. Fine white sand, Caribbean-like water and extensive bays make the heart of the east coast one of the most beautiful coastal areas in Sardinia. Perfect for families, peace seekers and sport lovers.


Excursion destination, Cala Goloritzé, 30 km. from the house

Gulf of Orosei

With idyllic bays such as Cala Goloritzè, Cala Luna and Cala Mariolu, the Gulf of Orosei is a treasure trove for nature lovers: wild, romantic rocky beaches, some of which can only be accessed via idyllic footpaths - perfect for snorkelling, climbing, bathing and admiring.


View through pine trees on the white beach and the blu sea of Cala Liberotto

Cala Liberotto

Cala Liberotto is a paradisical bay not far from Orosei. The fine light grey sand unites with the turquoise water to create a fascinating interplay of colours. Stunning rocky reefs punctuate the beach and offer lots of underwater for snorkelling fans. Rich green Sardinian flora provides a beautiful background.


Kayak in the clear waters of the bay of Pittulongu, Olbia


Olbia is the lively metropolis in the north-east of Sardinia with idyllic beaches. Just like the main beach Pittulongu, countless idyllic beaches in the Gulf of Olbia await to stun visitors with white sand and crystal-clear water. Relaxation and unspoiled nature - just 5 km from the centre of Olbia.


Sunbed- and ombrella rental on the white sandy beach Spiaggia Bianca of Golfo Aranci

Golfo Aranci

Golfo Aranci and its beaches are located on the picturesque Capo Figari in the north-east of Sardinia near Olbia. Snow-white sandy beaches alternate with small, romantic bays, providing the perfect mix for families with children, surfing fans and those seeking peace and quiet.


Bar and offices in the harbour of Porto Rotondo

Porto Rotondo

Porto Rotondo is a sophisticated spot in the north-east of Sardinia with spectacular beaches: small and idyllic or expansive and golden yellow - bays like Spiaggia Ira and Cala Sabina offer something for everyone, whether high society, families or those in search of true relaxation.


Granite rocks and crystal clear sea water of Caprioccioli, small islands on the horizon

Costa Smeralda

Dream beaches in Sardinia? The Bay of Chia is home to several of them - with turquoise water, fine sand and child-friendly water.Ideal wind conditions make this part of Sardinia a hotspot for surfers, kitesurfers and sailors.


Beach in front of the holiday homes in Portobello


Portobello’s beach on the north-west coast of Sardinia is something truly special: red, grainy sand is framed by rugged, rocky reefs and crystal-clear water. Not far from here, the endless dream beaches of Cala Vignola stretch 25 kilometres all the way to Capo Testa.


Beautiful colours of the sea, cliffs and sky on the northcoast, La Pelosa Stintino

Cala La Pelosa

Cala La Pelosa is a breath-taking beach on the north-west tip of Sardinia. It is located on the peninsula of Stintino and never fails to impress tourists and locals alike with its beautifully crystal-clear water. The beach is framed by rocky cliffs, rich maquis and the Torre della Pelosa.


Crystal clear water and violet flowers of Bougainville in the bays close to Alghero

Algheros dream beaches

Alghero and its beaches lie amidst the enchanting, powerful nature of Sardinia’s north-west coast. Crystal-clear water, fine sand and lush green vegetation make beaches like Spiaggia Maria Pia and Spiaggia Le Bombarde truly paradisical.


Crystal clear water of Is Arutas

Is Arutas

Is Arutas is a truly unique beach on the wild west coast of Sardinia: tiny, polished quartz stones shimmer in white, pink, grey and amber. This beach, also adorned with picturesque granite rocks, drops suddenly into the turquoise water and is perfect for snorkelling.


Beach Le Saline in Calasetta

Southwest coast - Sant'Antioco

Sant’Antioco is an island off the south-western tip of Sardinia. With extraordinarily beautiful beaches and a very special highlight: the L’Arco dei Baci natural pool. Pure nature and stunning beach relaxation in a fascinating area for divers and snorkellers.


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