The picturesque beach of Golfo Aranci

Golfo Aranci and its beaches are located on the picturesque Capo Figari in the north-east of Sardinia near Olbia. Snow-white sandy beaches alternate with small, romantic bays, providing the perfect mix for families with children, surfing fans and those seeking peace and quiet.

Beach description

Golfo Aranci - Enchanting bays on the Figari peninsula

Golfo Aranci and its beaches are located on the picturesque Capo Figari in the north-east of Sardinia near Olbia. Snow-white sandy beaches alternate with small, romantic bays, providing the perfect mix for families with children, surfing fans and those seeking peace and quiet. The choice is huge – Golfo Aranci’s main beach is located directly in the town and is spread amongst five pretty bays, all with crystal-clear water and fine sand. And next to the Golfo Aranci harbour, visitors might even be able to spot some dolphins.

More dream beaches near Golfo Aranci:

Spiaggia Bianca

The 200 metre-long, romantic bay is snow white and is nestled comfortably between the rocks. In the background, dunes grow a cloak of powerful Mediterranean vegetation in deep green and bright yellow, whilst the water alternates between turquoise and royal blue. A pretty beach kiosk completes the service offer on this family-friendly beach. There is a large car park at the beach.

Cala Greca

This is where things get really wild: the imposing, rugged and narrow bay Cala La Greca is a treasure trove for divers and snorkellers. The somewhat rough rock reefs are home to moray eels, perches and starfish, making it a real underwater paradise. The bay is only accessible via a hiking trail. A car park is available at the train station in Golfo Aranci.

Cala Moresca

Perfectly sheltered from the wind: the small bay with fine, gravelly sand and transparent water that sparkles in shades of blue consists of two bays that are separated by a picturesque rocky promontory. The beach is difficult to reach by car, and the last car park is still around a two-kilometre walk through stunning scenery.

Cala Banana

Just five kilometres south-west of Golfo Aranci, Cala Banana awaits with a 500 metre-long dream beach – Caribbean atmosphere and crystal-clear water included. Wind and kitesurfers will find the best conditions here and a beach bar provides refreshment in between. A car park is available at the beach.


Location and surroundings

Beaches in detail

Because of its fabulous setting, this beach has been designated as being of special value by Legambiente (the Italian environmental protection agency). It is located in an area of wetlands and owes its name to the reeds that grow there. Drive along the SP 94 coastal road towards Olbia and then turn off left to the beach.
This beach is also located in the town of Portisco. Extremely fine, brilliant white sand with small dunes behind the beach. Fabulous scenery of thick Mediterranean vegetation and pink-coloured granite rocks. Directions: drive along the SP 94 towards Olbia until you reach the Portisco sign. Here you turn off to the left and drive some 300 metres further to the beach. Beach umbrellas, sun loungers, pedal boats and motorboats can be hired. This bay is favoured by divers and windsurfers.
Golfo Aranci's main beach is accessible from the main street to the city hall. It is one of the largest beaches and has bright, fine sand and crystal-clear water; it has a partly sandy, partly rocky seabed. Furthermore, one has a great view of the gulf and the island of Tavolara. The beach is well equipped with various kiosks and a free parking. The location is perfect because of its proximity to restaurants, pizzerias and the town centre. The second beach can also be reached from the main road, or alternatively by climbing over the low granite cliffs. This beach is smaller and partially equipped with beach chairs and beach umbrellas.
Sea in front of the house
The third beach is located along the main road and is one of the most beautiful beaches in this area and can therefore become a bit crowded. The beach has fine white sand and overlooks the emerald green sea. As the water is very shallow for a long time, you can enjoy the magically transparent water. Furthermore, from here you have beautiful view of the island of Tavolara that majestically emerges out of the horizon. The lido offers a bar and is well equipped with beach chairs and beach umbrellas.
The fourth and fifth beaches are not far from the village. These two beaches have fine sand and turquoise water. On the seabed you can see a mixture of sand and stones. There are also the banchi di Posidonia, a refuge for small fish. The two beaches are separated by a small bank of rocks. At the end you can see the Capo Figari and the island of Figarolo, picturesque spots for nature lovers.
Near the centre of Golfo Aranci is the Baia Caddinas beach, which has fine white sand and clear water. The beach is well equipped, and it is possible to rent sports equipment. You can also walk to a small tourist port.
Baia Caddinas Spiaggia Golfo Aranci
The beach lies east of Golfo Aranci towards Capo Figari it is not accessible by car. The walk through the nature reserve is about 2.5 km long. At the end of the walk you reach a pine forest which overlooks the bay of Cala Moresca. Here you can marvel at the bay's two beaches, which are characterized by fine, golden sand. The emerald-coloured water along with the bright rocks offer a picturesque sight. In the background is the island of Figarolo. Behind the beach there is a disused brickworks and there are little paths leading to Capo Figari, from where one has a splendid view of the gulf. One can also visit the cemetery of the castaways and the old lighthouse.
Beach Cala Moresca, golfo Aranci 10 minutes
The white beach is located on the road from Olbia to Golfo Aranci. It is a beautiful beach with clean and clear turquoise water. The beach is about 100 metres long and is bounded laterally by two rock jetties. Behind the beach are dunes leading to the Mediterranean scrubland. In summer, the beach can become a little crowded as it has a lido.
The beach of Cala Sabina is located near the roundabout at the entrance of Golfo Aranci. It is a beautiful beach of white sand and clear, shallow water. The beach is surrounded by juniper berry trees and Mediterranean shrubs. There is a kiosk that offers various services and a car park.
Cala Sabina
Nodu Pianu opens on a spectacular stretch of coast, just north of the Gulf of Olbia, which includes the towns of Pittulongu and Nodu Pianu up to the imposing profile the Capo Figari overlooking the Gulf of Golfo Aranci. This stretch of coast just south of the Costa Smeralda is characterized by pink granite rocks and splashes of Mediterranean green bushes, overlooked by the fascinating profile of the island of Tavolara, peaking out of the sea in the south east. On the beaches there are restaurants and bars, and you can rent chairs and beach umbrellas. Because of its proximity to the city (the villages are less than 5 km from the outskirts of Olbia), the two beaches tend to fill up, especially on weekends.
Beach Cala Banana, 5 minutes
Sandy beach with a stunning view over the Golf of Cugnana. The bay is located at the East end of Porto Rotondo. Shallow water and thus very suitable for small children. Here you can rent umbrellas, sun beds and pedal boats.
Spiaggia Punta Nuraghe
This beach is very popular with VIPs. In fact, it owes its name to a famous German aristocrat, Ira von Fürstenberg, who used to stay in a villa here. In the summer months, the sea is crowded with the luxurious yachts of the Costa Smeralda´s high society. The beach is within walking distance of the centre of Porto Rotondo.
Spiaggia Ira
Sand beach with an excellent view of the islands of Mortorio and Soffi. The crystal-clear water makes it a perfect place for snorkelling. To get here, take the direction towards Punta di Volpe and continue for about 750 metres after the car part. Take the walkway to the left that leads you to the bay.
Spiaggia Punta di Volpe


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