A charming town on the east coast: fragrance of traditional bread, baking and other delicacies in the air, stunning beaches fringe the town. The hinterland a hiker’s paradise. Book now!

Region description

Orosei – a picturesque old town, stunning bay and hiking paradise

Orosei is a charming town on the east coast of Sardinia. Typical Sardinia: the alleys smell of traditional bread, baking and other delicacies; discreet, stunning beaches fringe the town. And the coastal nature reserve and hinterland are a hiker’s paradise. After all, the wild east of Sardinia flaunts its most impressive side here. Rugged cliffs, hills full of fragrant maquis and the imposing Gennargentu massif at its back – Sardinia's nature is at its most primitive here. With just 5,000 inhabitants, the village itself has a picturesque old town with no less than 13 churches. Baroque gems like the church of San Giacomo Apostolo and the medieval castle and former prison Sa Preione Vezza. The many small, traditional shops offer insights into Sardinian craftsmanship.
Orosei might be small, but it’s hard to beat in terms of variety – spectacular history, small bays and mighty nature for everyone looking for the ‘real’ Sardinia.

Around Orosei: holiday heaven and natural monuments

Nearby beaches

- Cala Liberotto
- Sas Linnas Siccas
- Spiaggia Sa Curcurica
- Cala Ginepro
- Cala Goloritze
- Cala Luna
- Cala Mariolu
- Cala Su Barone
- Cala Osalla

From Cala Liberotto to Cala Gonone

Just a few kilometres from Orosei lies the pretty holiday village of Cala Liberotto. Shaded pine forests and sandy beaches with crystal-clear water make beach holidays an unforgettable experience. Just a 45-minute drive away are the impressive Ispinigoli and Bue Marino caves, which are only accessible by water. A perfect excuse for a boat trip, during which you should also visit the breathtaking bays south of Cala Gonone.