The white bay of Cala Liberotto

A paradisiac bay close to Orosei. Fine, light grey sand, turquoise water and rich, green flora. Stunning rocky reefs punctuate the beach and offer lots for snorkelling fans.

Beach description

Cala Liberotto - Idyllic bays with rocks and maquis

Cala Liberotto is a paradisical bay not far from Orosei. The fine light grey sand unites with the turquoise water to create a fascinating interplay of colours. Stunning rocky reefs punctuate the beach and offer lots of underwater for snorkelling fans. Rich green Sardinian flora provides a beautiful background. In the evening light, the rocks shimmer in a romantic, reddish gold, adding the perfect finishing touch to the special atmosphere that reigns over this fascinating beach. Cala Liberetto has a good infrastructure with loungers, showers and a restaurant, and is easy to reach by car. 

More dream beaches near Cala Liberotto:

Sas Linnas Siccas

Gentle granite rocks separate the small bay Sas Linna Siccas from Cala Liberotto. With its fantastic water quality, this flat beach is yet another perfect place for relaxing. Sas Linna Siccas is neighboured by the picturesque mini-bays Porto Corallo and Mattanosa.

Spiaggia Sa Curcurica

This child-friendly dream beach with crystal-clear water features a walled picnic area under the shade of pine trees. ReiTex excursions can also be booked here. Spanning 38 hectares, the Sa Curcurica lagoon is located directly behind, and is great for watching flamingos and breathtaking flora.

Cala Ginepro

With its gentle, red-shimmering rocks, the juniper bay is guaranteed to impress with powerful pines and fragrant juniper bushes. The soft, sandy beach is popular with families, campers and snorkellers. After all, it can be reached directly by car and is located behind a camp site that also offers guests access to Cala Ginepro.

Location and surroundings

Beaches in detail

The Via Mare leads from the centre of Orosei to a car park. The approximately 5 km long coastal section is divided into the beaches Su Barone, Isporoddai and Osalla. On the Marina di Orosei beach there is a small tourist port. From here boats start to the different bays of the Gulf of Orosei, and rubber dinghies can be hired. Visitors delight in the nature scenery and spectacular panorama: golden, partly fine, partly coarse sand and deep blue water. Even in the high season, the beach is only crowded near the car park; the remaining sections are nearly devoid of beachgoers. The beach is very clean and there is hardly any sea grass. There are bars, restaurants, shops and toilet facilities.
On the SS125, about 12 kilometres to the north of Orosei, in the locality of Cala Liberotto, the beach of the same name is found. Here you will find white coarse-grained sand and spectacular cliffs that rise up out of the water. The beach dips gently into the sea, and hence it is ideally suited for children to play. The salt lake Sos Alinos is located in the background, with the typical vegetation of reeds and agaves. The sea as transparent as glass, and near the beach, dwarf fan palms and prickly pears predominate. Surfing and underwater fishing is also possible here – or you simply plunge in and refresh yourself in the magnificently clear water.
Beautiful coast with white sandy beach near the house
If you follow SS 125 two more kilometres after the turn off to Cala Liberotto, then you turn off to the right and pass by the hotel Cala Moresca. The beach belonging to the camp site Cala Ginepro is straight ahead, and to the left there is Spiaggia di Sa Curcurica with its fine white sand and azure water. In the background lies the salt lake Sa Curcurica. If you wade through the lake, you can reach the Bidderosa nature reserve. On the beach you can rent sun loungers and beach umbrellas, and there are bars and restaurants.
This is a nature reserve a few kilometres to the north of Cala Ginepro. The entrance is marked with a wooden sign, and the park is run by the forestry administration. Only a limited number of cars is permitted to enter the park each day. The entry fee is about 10 Euro per vehicle. However, you can also reach the park by a foot path or wade through the salt lake Spiaggia di Sa Curcurica. The park measures roughly 530 hectares, and it was reforested with great effort over the course of many years by the Sardinian forestry authority. It features typical Mediterranean vegetation such as junipers, wild pistachios, myrtles and pines. Within the park there are five gorgeous bays that can be reached by car (4 to 7 km).
Follow SS125 farther north, and then turn right roughly 6.5 km after the signs for Cala Ginepro onto a gravel road (in poor condition!!), after roughly 2.5 km, you will reach the parking place for Spiaggia Berchida, one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. The dazzling white sandy beach and the crystal-clear sea, shimmering in all shades of blue, are nestled beautifully in the landscape. In peak season, a few bars and restaurants are available. Wild and solitary nature, an amazingly long, fine sandy beach and azure, gently sloping water make Spiaggia Berchida a dream beach. Except for the area around the car park, the beach is not crowed even in peak season and is very clean with small patches of seaweed. You absolutely must see Spiaggia Berchida!


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