The pieces of jewellery you see here, decorated with precious gemstones, gold and silver - give an idea of the special tradition of this handicraft in Sardinia.


One can only begin to imagine what special forms the tradition of jewelry making takes in Sardinia when looking at the valuable ornamented gold and silver gems pictured here. Singular in the world for its mineral richness, the island contains a wealth and collection of jewels that is unparalleled among other lands. Despite its relatively small size of 24.000 square kilometers, Sardinia is set apart by possessing all of the minerals that are found on the other five continents, combined. The variety and richness of the precious stone industry in Sardinia has been honored by receiving note as a UNESCO world heritage site. Jewelry has been manufactured in Sardinia for thousands of years, creating an incredible tradition of authentic cultural treasures.

There are still regions of Sardinia where today the traveler can find gold and silversmiths who create rare originals. Walk among the lanes of the old part of Iglesias, the center of the mining culture, and you can see the artists at work. While admiring the incomparably beautiful panorama of the coast from Nebida and Masua, you may catch a glimpse of the "Pan di zucchero", a large rocky range which peeks majestically out above the sea. The colors of the ocean aspire brilliantly to attract your attention with blue and turquoise hues. Rich sandstone cliffs stand above in stoic comparison to the playful sea, making your journey along the coast an eventful sightseeing tour. Stopping in Barbagia, you can duck in from the beautiful surroundings to witness the finely ornamented gems of the island being formed into intricate patterns. Many villages are renowned for their jewelry craft, and you must be sure to visit Oliena, which lies along the foot of the mountain range, Dorgali, near the incredible Bue Marino Grotto and the beach of Cala Gonone, and Nuoro, which coincidentally is located near the quarter of Grazia Deledda, the Nobel prize winning writer, also a local of the island.

Jewelry is also crafted in the studios of Bosa, the medieval city which lies on the Temo river, known for its finely detailed silver and gold work.  Through the shop windows of Cagliari and Villacidro, a wondrous collection of glittering necklaces, ornate rings, unique arm bands, stunning broaches and classic earrings is found. If desired, you can purchase these finished masterpieces or better, let them be designed for you according to your individual tastes from a master craftsman. In any case, you can be sure that jewelry purchased from this island carries with it part of the cultural story of Sardinia, a tradition rich with uniqueness and beauty.