Cortes apertas

In Sardinia you will encounter Hospitality with a capitalized H everywhere and especially in the context of the open doors "Cortes apertas", you can experience this authentic custom.


This greeting from Sardinia is in keeping with a tradition that has brought friends of Sardinia to Barbagia for twenty years now.  From October to January in select villages of Barbagia the doors of private houses are opened for friends and foreigners as a token of Sardinian hospitality. "Cortes apertas" represent an authentic Sardinian tradition.

The photos that we took this autumn show simple everyday objects that are small works of art: gourds that have become containers for water, wine or grappa. Look at the details of the handmade doilies and the fabrics still prepared on wooden looms. All of these items are one of a kind, and you will find them in inland Sardinia when "Cortes apertas" is opened to tourists.

In Oliena, Fonni and Dorgali selected works of the village inhabitants are exhibited: shalls, colorful fabrics dyed with plant-based dyes used to make traditional clothing, rings, necklaces, brooches and wedding rings, carvings in chesnut and walnut wood that comes from the woods of Gennargentu, baskets made of asphodelines made especially in Ollolai, Urzulei and Flussio and we must not forget the traditional wooden masks that make the locality of Mamoiada famous.

There are many individual artworks. Each has its roots in the tradition of the region that is one of the most geologically interesting regions in the world, where in the course of history European, Oriental and North African elements combined. Every object that is created is an artistic expression of interiorized history.