The sandy beach of Chia

Dream beaches in Sardinia? The Bay of Chia is home to several of them - with turquoise water, fine sand and child-friendly water.Ideal wind conditions make this part of Sardinia a hotspot for surfers, kitesurfers and sailors.

Beach description

Bay of Chia - Dream beached for families, surfers and divers

Dream beaches in Sardinia? The Bay of Chia is home to several of them – with turquoise water, fine sand and child-friendly water.Ideal wind conditions make this part of Sardinia a hotspot for surfers, kitesurfers and sailors.The emblematic dunes, some of which tower up to 30 metres, fringe the beaches with their cloaks of wild juniper bushes. The crystal-clear water in the Bay of Chia invites visitors to take a relaxed stroll along the gently sloping shore. 
The unique diversity of the Bay of Chia offers everything you’d expect from a first-class beach in Sardinia – and it’s a haven for families, active holidaymakers and romantics. 

The dream beaches of the Bay of Chia in detail

Cala Portu

This small bay forms the natural end of the Bay of Chia to the north. From here, guests are afforded stunning views of the Spanish tower of Chia. This perches on a ledge over the remains of a Pheonician settlement.  

Spiaggia Sa Colonia, Spiaggia Campana And Spiaggia Giudeu

This part of the coast is the main attraction in the Bay of Chia. On a poker-straight stretch of the coast three kilometres long, three dream beaches gently merge with each other. Behind Spiaggia Campana, visitors will find the chic restaurant Le Dune. This is the perfect place to let day turn into night with a typical aperitif and fresh fish specialities. 

Monte Cogoni with Cala del Morto

The proud, 60-metre-high crag of Monte Cogoni punctuates the seemingly endless beaches of Spiaggia Sa Colonia, Spiaggia Campana and Spiaggia Giudeu. It’s an insider tip for everyone who prefers things a little quieter – its shore is home to the tiny and tranquil bay Cala del Morto. 

Cala Cipolla

At the lower end of Baia di Chia, Cala Cipolla offers rugged beauty. The 100-metre-wide and 200-metre-long beach is framed by a regal-looking rocky hill. The hinterland shelters a one-hundred-year-old juniper tree from the coast. Cala Cipolla is also breathtaking under the water: reefs are home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, inspiring divers and snorkellers alike. 

Capo Spartivento

Located half a kilometre to the west, Capo Spartivento
is a rewarding destination for wreck divers. 

Spiaggia Tuerredda

True Caribbean scenes await at Spiaggia Tueredda, seven kilometres further. A 500-metre-wide, pointed beach facing a small island basks against turquoise water. Those who wish to explore more of the coast towards Capo Teulada can hire a small motor boat.

Good to know

There is no real main town in Chia. Instead, the municipality consists of several small holiday resorts spread over the lowlands and the maquis-cloaked hillsides.

Location and surroundings

Beaches in detail

A sandy beach, a few kilometres long. One section is part of the famous Forte Village holiday resort. The beach lies parallel to the SS 195 from km 38-41. It is only accessible from a few points, for example at km 39.8 right beside the Forte Village Hotel. Turn off and drive through the arch saying "La Pineta".
A small bay for swimming, only a few hundred metres wide, bordered by a stony cliff-lined coast many kilometres long. Ideal for children because the water is very shallow. Turn off at km 41,8 SS 195.
The first of Chia's glorious beaches. Facing the sea, this beach is to the left of the old Spanish watchtower on the hill. A small island lies nearby.
Chia's second beach. Facing the sea, this beach is to the right of the old Spanish watchtower.
Chia Sa Colonia
This beach between Sa Colonia and Campana runs past a lagoon where a great many seabirds can be found.
Chia Sa Colonia
The access road lies opposite the Hotel Chia Laguna, and you drive past the small golf course towards the sea. This small, very sheltered beach is only accessible on foot and lies between the Campana Dune and Monte Cogoni beaches.
Take the access road opposite the Hotel Chia Laguna and drive towards Spiaggia Su Giudeu. This fabulous sandy beach lies between the Campana and Su Giudeu beaches, right alongside the sand dunes that reach up to 20 metres high. You can also watch the pink flamingos in the neighbouring lagoon.
The longest and perhaps the best of Chia's beaches, it has a small, rocky island lying offshore and a lagoon, which usually throngs with flamingos. Drive to the end of the road where you will find a car park with shaded parking spaces.
The last of Chia's beaches can only be reached on foot from Su Giudeu: a small, picturesque bay with sand, rocks and an unspoilt macchia landscape behind the beach.
The beach of s'Abba Durci (which is Sardinian meaning fresh water beach) is the long sandy beach on the south side of the island of Giudeu, forming part of the scenic dune formation Spartivento. At the end of the dirt road, there is a large car park with a bar and showers. On the same beach in summer, several establishments that offer water sports, entertainment and bar service.
Drive past the Chia beaches and follow the road along the coast. After about 5-7 km, you will encounter the deep blue waters of Tuerredda and its sweeping sandy bay, with another rocky offshore island in the middle.
The beach just beneath the Cape of Malfatano. Behind the bay with the small fish boats turn off left (signposted). Here you also have the possibility to rent motorboats, and if you reserve beforehand, you can have dinner right on the beach. (+39-3409004069)
The Piscinni beach, belonging to the municipality of Domus de Maria, is a few kilometres from the beach of Tuerredda and Malfatano Cape. The beach is consists of fine white sand with crystal-clear waters shimmering from green to turquoise. The seabed is sandy and low. There is the presence of rocks, and the beach appears rough and wild. Behind the beach is a saline lake, which in the summer months dries completely.
Small bays on the coastal road to Teulada are signposted. The small rocky islands offshore and the diverse sea bed make them ideal beaches for snorkelling and scuba-diving.
Beach of Chia


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