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Costa Smeralda
Villa Domus 16

6 Pers. | 2 Bathr. | 3 Bedr. | Beach 800 m
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Villa Domus 16

A house of ancient beauty in the heart of Costa Smeralda
In a pristine area of untouched land complete with centuries-old vegetation, lies a Mediterranean refuge of undeniable allure. Here is where the prominent celebrities from all over the world come to find peace and solitude. Imposing granite cliffs overlook emerald green waters. The ancient cork trees, fragrant juniper boughs and blooming macchia bushes compliment the pools of azure between the sunny cliffs. Sand dunes gleam white in the sun, punctuated by unique rock formations along the Costa Smeralda. This coastal landscape is legendary for its beauty. The kilometer long beach is worth exploring whether on foot or by car, but nothing competes with the joy of discovering hidden coves with a trip along the coast by boat. The brilliant architecture of the houses and the character of the landscape fit together so comfortably that it seems to have been planned to highlight the characteristics of both. The rough-hewn granite exterior lends the houses a distinct impression of timelessness.

A roof-top terrace
The patio, the heart of this living space, is elegantly furnished with a covered inner courtyard, suffused with light, protected from the wind, and private above all. From here, guests enjoy a fantastic view of the sea and the amazing rock formations that characterize the Sardinian coast. The patio connects the living and sleeping areas. The roof-top terrace offers three bedrooms, two doubles and one single with an additional bunk bed, two bathrooms and a living room. The large patio serves a living room space in the fresh air, and a well-equipped kitchen with a washing machine and dishwasher are available for use.

Enjoy the video of Villa Domus 16.

Domus di Pitrizza, an exclusive vacation spot of the highest quality

Thanks to its excellent design, this property offers the best of both aesthetic beauty and functional design. Everything is perfectly arranged for a most refreshing and relaxing vacation. Porto Cervo, the most famous coastal town on the Costa Smeralda, is only ten minutes away by car. There you will find everything else that your heart desires. Shopping opportunities and restaurants are located in close proximity to the house. The pool is available to guests from the 15th of June until the end of September. The most famous beaches of Cala di Volpe, Romazzino, Liscia di Vacca and Baia Sardinia are just minutes away by car.

    1. Villa Domus 16
    1. Villa Domus 16
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  2. Villa Domus 16
  3. A house of ancient beauty in the heart of Costa SmeraldaIn a pristine area of untouched land complete with centuries-old vegetation, lies a Mediterranean refuge of undeniable allure. Here is where the prominent celebrities from all over the world come to find peace and solitude. Imposing granite cliffs overlook emerald green waters. The ancient cork trees, fragrant juniper boughs and blooming macchia bushes compliment the pools of azure between the sunny cliffs. Sand dunes gleam white in the sun, punctuated by unique rock formations along the Costa Smeralda. This coastal landscape is legendary for its beauty. The kilometer long beach is worth exploring whether on foot or by car, but nothing competes with the joy of discovering hidden coves with a trip along the coast by boat. The brilliant architecture of the houses and the character of the landscape fit together so comfortably that it seems to have been planned to highlight the characteristics of both. The rough-hewn granite exterior lends the houses a distinct impression of timelessness.A roof-top terrace The patio, the heart of this living space, is elegantly furnished with a covered inner courtyard, suffused with light, protected from the wind, and private above all. From here, guests enjoy a fantastic view of the sea and the amazing rock formations that characterize the Sardinian coast. The patio connects the living and sleeping areas. The roof-top terrace offers three bedrooms, two doubles and one single with an additional bunk bed, two bathrooms and a living room. The large patio serves a living room space in the fresh air, and a well-equipped kitchen with a washing machine and dishwasher are available for use. Enjoy the video of Villa Domus 16.Domus di Pitrizza, an exclusive vacation spot of the highest qualityThanks to its excellent design, this property offers the best of both aesthetic beauty and functional design. Everything is perfectly arranged for a most refreshing and relaxing vacation. Porto Cervo, the most famous coastal town on the Costa Smeralda, is only ten minutes away by car. There you will find everything else that your heart desires. Shopping opportunities and restaurants are located in close proximity to the house. The pool is available to guests from the 15th of June until the end of September. The most famous beaches of Cala di Volpe, Romazzino, Liscia di Vacca and Baia Sardinia are just minutes away by car.
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  6. +49 89 99953330
  7. 110-140 EUR
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    3. Loc. Liscia di Vacca
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Villa Domus 17
9 m

Villa Domus di Pitrizza is a jewel on the Costa Smeralda: The two-storey villa with a roof terrace is located in a stylish holiday resort between cork oaks and juniper trees. This property with a Mediterranean patio, an azure communal pool and stunning views is only 1 km from the sea. Book now!

Villa Domus 9d
150 m

The Casa del Architetto Domus di Pitrizza's exclusive location is beguiling: it is detached and located in a stylish holiday resort between cork oaks and juniper with an azure blue community pool and stunning views, about 1 km from the sea. Book now and relax!

Costa Smeralda
8 km

Dream beaches in Sardinia? The Bay of Chia is home to several of them - with turquoise water, fine sand and child-friendly water.Ideal wind conditions make this part of Sardinia a hotspot for surfers, kitesurfers and sailors.

Porto Rotondo
12 km

Porto Rotondo is a sophisticated spot in the north-east of Sardinia with spectacular beaches: small and idyllic or expansive and golden yellow - bays like Spiaggia Ira and Cala Sabina offer something for everyone, whether high society, families or those in search of true relaxation.

Golfo Aranci
18 km

Golfo Aranci and its beaches are located on the picturesque Capo Figari in the north-east of Sardinia near Olbia. Snow-white sandy beaches alternate with small, romantic bays, providing the perfect mix for families with children, surfing fans and those seeking peace and quiet.

22 km

Olbia is the lively metropolis in the north-east of Sardinia with idyllic beaches. Just like the main beach Pittulongu, countless idyllic beaches in the Gulf of Olbia await to stun visitors with white sand and crystal-clear water. Relaxation and unspoiled nature - just 5 km from the centre of Olbia.

Hotel Le Palme 4*
523 m

The Hotel Le Palme is situated in the heart of Costa Smeralda, in the Baja of Liscia di Vacca overlooking Cala Pitrizza, a wonderful inlet characterized by clear water and pink granite rocks. You will find it immersed in Mediterranean vegetation at only 3 km from the “piazzetta”

Grand Hotel Poltu Quatu 5*
613 m

The elegant Grand Hotel Poltu Quatu ***** which belongs to "Small Luxury Hotels of the World"is located on the magnificent northeastern coast of Sardinia in the Poltu Quatu village a glamorous yet relaxing location set in the exclusive "Costa Smeralda". Close to Porto Cervo (3kms) and Baia Sardinia (2,5kms) and only 35kms from "Olbia - Costa Smeralda" international airport, the hotel is set in a ravishing surrounding and offers wonderful views over "La Maddalena" archipelago. Protected by mountains and overlooking the crystal waters of the Costa Smeralda, Poltu Quatu offers also the opportunity to stay at the Residence Poltu Quatu, taking advantage of a wide choice of luxury apartments for shorter or longer stays.

Hotel Balocco 4*
1530 m

Hotel Balocco is situated in a quiet oasis surrounded by mediterranean vegetation. Close to the most beautiful beaches and easily connected to many amenities and most popular restaurants and prestigeous clubs. Elegance with no ostentation and the perfect equilibrium between refined and simplicity.

GH Porto Cervo 4*
2102 m

The prestigious Porto Cervo’s Grand Hotel is located in the marvellous Baia di Cala Granu, only 150 m. from the sea, 2 km. from the very famous Piazzetta. It is a very recent accomplishment in Costa Smeralda.

Hotel Luci di la Muntagna 4*
2235 m

The ****Hotel Luci di la Muntagna is a prestigious hotel in Porto Cervo with a panoramic view over the bay and marina. The hotel is short walk from the famous “piazzetta” of Porto Cervo, a hive of cosmopolitan activity both day and night. The building is of the typical Costa Smeralda style: elegant and sophisticated and a

Hotel Le Ginestre 4*
3206 m

The Hotel Le Ginestre**** is positioned in a oasis of natural beauty, surrounded by Mediterranean parks and panoramic terraces with magnificent views of the countryside, the coastline and the famous Gulf of Pevero. With only 30km distance from Olbia Airport and The Port of Olbia Isola Bianca and just 1 km from Porto Cervo, the hotel Le Ginestre is the preferred place for your stay.

Colonna Pevero Hotel 5*
3977 m

The Colonna Pevero Hotel is located in the heart of the famous Costa Smeralda, roughly three kilometres from Porto Cervo. The hotel premises cover some 50,000 m² of green landscape, set on a gently sloping hillside that goes down to the Golfo del Pevero.

L'Ea Bianca Luxury Resort 5*
4182 m

L'ea bianca Luxury Resort - a gentle hillside covered with Mediterranean undergrowth that drops down to the turquoise and emerald waters of the sea, framed by a splendid beach. This natural amphitheatre of rare beauty opposite the islands of the La Maddalena archipelago, sandwiched between the dark

Hotel Relais Villa del Golfo & Spa 4*
5698 m

Relais Villa del Golfo & Spa will surprise you. It’s not just a luxury four-star hotel overlooking the emerald Sardinian sea. It’s a home or rather it’s the kind of home we’d all love to have. Elegant, cosy, comfortable, it affords sweeping views over the stunning Golfo di Arzachena, the island of Caprera and the open sea off the

Hotel Il Piccolo Golf 3*
6 km

Overlooking scenic Cala di Volpe bay, the hotel Il Piccolo Golf*** is perfect for discovering the Costa Smeralda in comfort and is located conveniently close to the famous Pevero Golf Club. Guests will be accommodated just a few steps from stunning white sand beaches and will also be very close to charming and exclusive

Hotel Airone 4*
6 km

Hotel Airone is facing the Gulf of Cannigione, 700 metres from the beach. It resembles an antique village, integrated into a natural environment where flowers and olive trees surround the splendid view of the gulf. Hotel Airone is strategically situated near many main roads; 25 kilometres from the port and from Olbia airport,

Parco degli Ulivi ****
10 km

The Parco degli Ulivi hotel is situated in the region of Gallura, in a natural setting where ancient olive trees, granite outcrops and the typical Mediterranean macchia bushes combine to form a uniquely beautiful natural landscape, in which our guests can spend totally relaxing

Petra Segreta Resort & Spa 5*
10 km

Petra Segreta Resort, distinguished with "The Condè Nast Johansens Annual Awards 2010", is a luxury wellness hotel born from the desire of the owners, Luigi and Rossella. In this colorful and fragrant "4 stars super charming house" of secret accesses and uncontaminated nature, they found the emotions and

Residence Rocce Sarde 4*
11 km

Residence Rocce Sarde is situated on the hillside surrounded by the Mediterranean maquis, just 1 km from the hotel with spectacular views of the Gulf of Cugnana and Porto Rotondo, further enhanced by a panoramic swimming pool overlooking the rocks and crystal clear sea- water. Close to the world-famous

Hotel Rocce Sarde 4*
11 km

Its premier position atop - a small hill in the Sardinian woodland overlooking the magical gulf of Cugnana makes Rocce Sarde Hotel an unique and outstanding location for a holiday. From a distance the hotel has the appearance of a remote monastery, surrounded by stunning pink coloured rocks and only few minutes away

Hotel Sporting 5*
12 km

The *****Hotel Sporting - typical Mediterranean architecture lazily encircled by the sea and overlooking a flowering garden. Facing the sea, situated on the superb promontory site, the Sporting Hotel allows direct access to the unspoilt, sandy beach, affording guests complete privacy. The particular architecture

Hotel Abi D'Oru 5*
15 km

The *****Hotel Abi D'Oru is a place of simple elegance and tranquillity. It sits perfectly within its attractive gardens and extensive lawns which lead down to the fine white sandy beach of the Gulf of Marinella. The architectural style is typical of the area with its many terraces, meandering roofs and porticos, all

Hotel Gabbiano Azzurro 4*
17 km

The Hotel Gabbiano Azzurro is set in the incredible scenario of the famous Golfo Aranci on Sardinia island, one of the most beautiful destinations of the Mediterranean basin. The hotel is situated on the white sandy beach with a fully open view of the multicolor sea and is one of the most exclusive touristic destinations of

Tenuta Pilastru 3*
18 km

It is in the countryside, season after season slowly, that you can catch the shading colours, the intensity of scents and perfumes and the relaxing company of the most different sounds. It is not easy to pass on certain emotions to people who have never experienced the magic of the countryside. But if curiosity is the

Hotel La Coluccia 4*
21 km

Hotel La Coluccia ****, member of "Design Hotels", is situated on the North coast of Sardinia, in front of the Island of Spargi (Archipelago della Maddalena) and at the start of a picturesque 4-km-long bay bordered by the protected area of the Coluccia Peninsula. In an enchanting and secluded position, it’s the

Geovillage Sport&Wellness Resort 4*
21 km

The ****Geovillage Hotel (open all year round) is located in the north of Sardinia, near the city center and the beaches. The hotel complex has been built on a slope of a hill, overlooking the gulf of Olbia and offers a special view of the silhouette of Tavolara Island. It is surrounded by 14 hectares of wonderful Mediterranean

Hotel Stefania 4*
22 km

Hotel Stefania is a small, well-maintained 4-star hotel situated barely 120 m from one of the most beautiful beaches on Sardinia's northeast coast, between Olbia and Golfo Aranci. The hotel's architecture, with its pastel-coloured facade, blends in harmoniously with the landscape and the well-tended garden.

Aldiola Country Resort 4*
23 km

The Aldiola Country Resort is idyllically situated in the Sardinian brush country, surrounded by century-old cork and holm oaks. It rises on the hills overlooking the “Liscia”, a lake just a few kilometres from the Costa Smeralda (the famous “Emerald Coast”). The strikingly situated swimming pool, the various shady spots,

App. Country Club 2
13 km

The Residence Country Club of Porto Rotono is situated in one of Sardinia’s loveliest regions, where peace and quiet reign.

App. Country Club 1
13 km

The Residence Country Club of Porto Rotono is situated in one of Sardinia’s loveliest regions, where peace and quiet reign.

Villa Michela
14 km

A holiday dream villa with stunning ocean view. This picturesque house is in the northest of Sardinia on the costa Smeralda not far from the charming sand and crag coves around Porto Rotondo, in the middle of a typical Sardinian landscape of shrubs and rocks, virgin and at the same time archaic. From

Villa Golfo Aranci
17 km

Villa Golfo Aranci is a holiday home in the north east of Sardinia right on the beach promenade of the charming fishing village Golfo Aranci and its landmark: majestic palm trees on white sand. A sheltered terrace makes outdoor life perfect. Book now!

Villa Nodu Pianu Bianca
20 km

Villa Nodu Pianu: an exclusive vacation home with private garden right on the sea and a stunning view of the rocky island Tavolara.

Villa Nodu Pianu Verde
20 km

Villa Nodu Pianu: an exclusive vacation home with private garden right on the sea and a stunning view of the rocky island Tavolara.

Villa Pittulongu
22 km

Villa Pittulongu delights all beach lovers: the lovingly furnished, two-storey holiday home in the northeast of Sardinia is located almost directly on the beach - only 100 metres separates it from the white sand and the turquoise waters of the Spiaggia del Pellicano. Book now and make your dreamcome true!

Villa Caterina
22 km

Villa Caterina – a "virgin" villa in a dream location close to the beach The Villa Caterina is a newly built, as yet unoccupied villa just 50 metres from the stunning Pittulongu beach, the "Spiaggia del Pellicano".

Costa Smeralda
9 km

Costa Smeralda - idyllic beaches with a touch of luxury. In Costa Smeralda, it’s not just the sea that’s exclusive: the Caribbean-like beaches welcome tourists and the jet-set elite alike. The upmarket residential architecture uses Sardinian materials and the illustrious town of Porto Cervo has always been the life and soul of the party.

Porto Rotondo
12 km

Porto Rotondo - a luxurious fusion of yachts and idyllic beach life. Porto Rotondo is the perfect example of upmarket Sardinia. Imposing mansions owned by famous celebrities, a stylish marina and fine, sandy beaches otherwise only seen in dreams exude luxurious charm. Its elegant shops and restaurants bring a generous serving of glamorous dolce far niente.

17 km

Golfo Aranci - idyllic bays and dolphin watching. Golfo Aranci is a fishing village near Olbia with daily ferry connections. Here, life is enjoyed at a slower pace than in the city, and its idyllic beaches with turquoise water are the perfect place to relax. And Golfo Aranci’s small harbour is also the ideal spot for dolphin watching.

24 km

Olbia - Sardinian flair that fuses city chic and idyllic beach. Olbia is a lively city in north-east Sardinia. Those who arrive by air or sea are immediately whirled into the midst of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Small, winding streets alternate with upmarket shopping precincts, whilst the bay of Olbia awaits with its truly breathtaking beaches.

Centro Commerciale Terranova with car wash
19 km

This shopping centre is located on the northern outskirts of Olbia and offers extensive shopping. There are some major specialty shops and a self-service car wash. It is well signposted and can be seen from the main road SS 125 Olbia/Palau. Open daily from 9:00-21:00.

Centro Commerciale Gallura
23 km

This new shopping centre is close to the famous monument Pozzo Sacro on the way from Olbia to Golfo Aranci. SP 82 Olbia-Golfo Aranci

Auchan - Olbia
25 km

If you arrive by plane, it is worth doing a big shop at this shopping centre. It is very close to the airport on the southern outskirts of the town of Olbia. Apart from the huge supermarket, you can find almost everything here, from a shoe shops to a shop selling furniture and appliances to a fast-food restaurant. After leaving the airport area, take the road on the right to S. Teodoro. From here the route is signposted. Mon-Sat 9:00-21:00, Sun 10:00-21:00.

2032 m

In the centre of the Costa Smeralda and close to Baia Sardinia, there is a water park for those wishing to enjoy the many slides and water games available.

Children's playground in Palau
11 km

If you should be passing by Palau with children, it is worthwhile stopping off on your journey at the colourful children's playground in the harbour.

I.S.O.L.A. Porto cervo
2520 m

Here you can buy traditional Sardinian hand-woven carpets, ceramics, gold and silver jewellery as well as wooden items. Everything sold by the I.S.O.L.A. organization is guaranteed to be produced in Sardinia by Sardinian craftsmen. You can find their showroom in Arzachena.

Il Telaio Artigianato Sardo
18 km

L’Isola del Corallo
18 km

Farmacia di Cristina Varisco - pharmacy
2867 m

Farmacia Lanzi - pharmacy
13 km

Farmacia Cabras - pharmacy
18 km

Museum of Garibaldi's Compedium - La Maddalena - Caprera
9 km

Welcome to the home of the "Hero of Two Worlds'. This is his Garden of Eden, where he spent 25 years of his life. The peace that prevailed here allowed Garibaldi to think calmly and to prepare the great undertakings which were to change the face of the nation. His energetic spirit made the general one of the decisive figures of the Italian Risorgimento.

Ethnographic Museum - Palau
11 km

A visit to this museum is very interesting as the exhibited objects depict the roots of society in Gallura. Open from June to August

Museo etnografico e mineralogico paleontologico
12 km

In this museum, visitors can admire a large collection of minerals and fossils from Sardinia, as well as from other places around the world. Mon-Fri from 9:00-13:00.

Veterinary Dr Paolo Muzzetto
3782 m

Dr Isabella Hilff
24 km

Lega Navale Italiana Golfo Aranci
18 km

Sailing courses, boat licenses, cultural events, water, environmental protection of the marine world.

Ritual Club - Baia Sardinia
1955 m

Ritual was born in 1970 and immediately became a reference point for the island's nightlife. A granite castle stands on a hillside at the doors of Baja Sardinia. An extraordinary work of art in harmony with the surrounding nature. Landscape and human work appear naturally interconnected, the Ritual seems, in fact, to rise spontaneously from the rock and surrounding vegetation. Today, the enchanted castle of Baja Sardinia, continues to be the undisputed protagonist of the summer nights of the coast; Every summer the Ritual offers a wide and varied program of evenings and international guests animate the cave until the early dawn.

Phi Beach - Baia Sardinia
3172 m

Phi Beach is an open air club, not far from Baja Sardinia. It is surrounded and protected by majestic rocks, formed by the sea and wind, a rarely charming and beautiful location. Its unrivaled position provides every day the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Sun, sea, entertainment from afternoons with music and great events and evenings in a friendly and exclusive atmosphere.

3689 m

This lifestyle shrine belonging to Formula 1 manager Flavio Briatore is an elegant architectural mix blending elements of Mediterranean and oriental features. In the Billionaire, you can party to the early hours of the morning with lounge music, dancing and Italian haute cuisine. Nothing is impossible here: there is also a Japanese sushi chef who prepares delicious specialities for the evening's rich and beautiful guests.

Sopravento and Sottovento
4003 m

For more than 20 years, these dance temples have been magical centres of attraction for the Costa Smeralda high society. These discotheques are directly opposite each other on the same street, and in midsummer, traffic regularly comes to a standstill here because of the swarming crowds. They are also open in winter, although things are somewhat more peaceful then.

13 km

One of the most highly recommended clubs in Porto Rotondo. Italy's best known DJs come here to lay down their tracks. Open from early July.

Dr Maria Antonietta Manca
2452 m

Dr Pola Rina
22 km

Dr Farina Giuseppina
24 km

Baja Sardinia
2072 m

Sheltered by a wide cove with crystal-clear water and ultrafine sand, Baja Sardinia is one of Gallura's most popular destinations for swimming and vacationing. It is a fantastic starting point for excursions by boat to the neighbouring island archipelago of Spargi, Budelli, La Maddalena as well as along the Costa Smeralda. The underwater world around nearby Capo Testa is one of the ten best diving areas in the world. The caves are shaped by gigantic granite boulders that are partly covered with red corals (corallium rubrum). The region of Gallura is also a paradise for cyclists because of the ups and downs of the narrow country roads where, all of a sudden, a view of the sea or a tiny country church appear out of nowhere. But Baja Sardinia also has plenty of nightlife. "Ritual," one of the top 7 discos in Europe, and numerous piano bars as well as events with singing, dancing and shows on Baja Sardinia's Piazzetta provides plenty of entertainment during the high season.(

Porto Cervo
2520 m

Porto Cervo is a lively centre of the Costa Smeralda, the exclusive holiday coast is famous for the hustle and bustle of the rich and the international jet set since Aga Khan discovered this wild landmark in the 1960s. Large car parks, elegant shops and sophisticated scenery determine the townscape. A stroll to the harbour to admire the most beautiful yachts of the Mediterranean is compulsory.

11 km

The village is particularly well known for its coast, which is shaped by nature and unequalled around the world. The port of Palau is the only berth for the islands of the Maddalena archipelago. Life in the village centres round the harbour. If you are near Palau and with children, a stopover at the colourful children's playground at the port is worthwhile.

12 km

The community's includes more than eighty kilometres of sea coast including the world-famous Costa Smeralda, rich with Mediterranean shrub, rocks modelled by nature and wonderful inlets and bays. In 1962, a small group of international entrepreneurs, headed by Prince Karim Aga Khan, set up the Costa Smeralda Consortium with the aim of developing tourism in the vast area of the Arzachena territory, comprising the present coastal band which stretches from Liscia Ruja to Liscia di Vacca. In this area a number of high-class structures were gradually built, attracting an elite kind of tourism. Visitors to the town will certainly be attracted by this clean and well cared for centre, full of green spaces and little squares. Its proximity to the Costa Smeralda means tourists can go shopping in the town centre not only for typical Sardinian products but also for luxury and sought-after goods. Archaeology: Lu Coddhu 'ecchju and Li Loghi giants’ tombs, Albucciu Nuraghe and Temple of Malchittu.

Porto Rotondo
12 km

The luxury resort of Porto Rotondo and the marina of the same name (Porto Rotondo means "round-shaped port") were founded by two Venetians in 1963. Great importance was placed on the harmonious integration of the architecture with the rocky landscape. The town is picturesquely arranged around the sophisticated marina. Although Porto Rotondo no longer officially belongs to the Costa Smeralda district, there are almost as many VIPs among the villa owners as in Porto Cervo - Silvio Berlusconi among them, with his summer residence, Villa Certosa. As far as luxury boutiques, exclusive restaurants and clubs are concerned, there is no shortage.

Golfo Aranci
17 km

Golfo Aranci lies in front of Capo Figari and overlooks the Gulf of Olbia. From Golfo Aranci to Olbia stretches a low, regular coast with small bays and beaches with fine sand. One of the peculiarities of the village is the old fishermen's settlement by the sea, with the colourful little houses and fish shops, where you can buy fresh fish all year round. In the Via Libertà you can find many nice shops with handicrafts and typical products, especially during the summer months.

Sant'Antonio di Gallura
23 km

Situated on a 357-metre-high mountain, with a surface area of 7,600 hectares, the village is to be found at the centre of the Gallura area, a short way from the sea and the Costa Smeralda. A trip round the historic centre is recommended to visitors, who can admire the rural houses and a number of churches of significant artistic value, such as that of Sant'Antonio Abate. It is also possible to follow the path that leads to the panoramic viewpoint of Lu Nuraco from where you can admire the charm of this little village and the vegetation that surrounds it. Taking place on 5 May every year, the feast of San Giacomo can not be missed During the feast there are both religious and civil celebrations.(

24 km

The modern and lively town of Olbia was known as “the happy town” by the Greeks and is world famous for its close proximity to the Costa Smeralda. It stands on a wide natural gulf whose perimeter is defined by the splendid islands of Tavolara and Molara. The Costa Smeralda airport lies in this area and continues to record increasing numbers of tourists every year. San Simplicio is celebrated on the 15th of May every year with a solemn procession, fireworks, poetry contests and a large mussel festival. Events worthy of note in the summer are the “Week of International Folklore” with all kinds of musical, theatrical and film events and also the Feasts of the Madonna del Mare and San Giovanni Battista. Bados, Baia Corallina, Gavrile, La Peschiera, La Playa and Rena Bianca are some of the area's most beautiful beaches (

Kartodromo Pista dei Campioni
8 km

If you love the tingling sensation of speed, then you should go for a few laps round this go-karting racetrack.

15 km

The quality of the grapes is subject to the highest demands of wine production thanks to the constant development of know-how, personnel and technology. Red and white wines of international quality guarantee authenticity in the production, which is not to be found anywhere else. Only pure substances are used for wine production. The vineyards are supplied with water without the use of underground watering systems. The soil is permanently tested by the watering system and allows for optimal growth.

Liscia di Vacca
734 m

You look directly at the Isola dei Cappuccini from this fine sand and pebble beach. Beach umbrellas, sun loungers, pedal and motorboats can be hired on the beach. The beach is situated close to the famous Pitrizza luxury hotel and only some 1.5 km to the east of the Poltu Quatu marina.

Cala Grano
2251 m

A small bathing bay, situated inside the town limits of Porto Cervo. A fine, white, sandy beach is framed by rocks, with Mediterranean vegetation in the background. You get here from the centre of Porto Cervo by taking the Via Granu to the car park of a residential complex, where you can park. Child-friendly, as the water is shallow. Beach umbrellas, sun loungers, pedal boats are for hire.

Porto Paglia (Costa Smeralda)
3184 m

This small, sandy beach can be found at the western end of the Golfo del Pevero facing the Isole di Li Nibani and surrounded by gorse and rocks. The shallow depth of the water also makes it ideal for children. How to get there from the centre of Porto Cervo: drive in a southerly direction for some 1.5 km. You should walk the last 50 metres to the beach, down a dirt road.

Grande Pevero
4359 m

You will find the dazzling, white sandy beach of Grande Pevero in the town of the same name. This half-moon-shaped bay is next to some small wetlands. One of Europe's finest golf courses, the Pevero Golf Club, can also be found here. Getting there from Porto Cervo: drive southwards on the SP 59 for about 3 km until you reach the beach, which is signposted

Li Nibani
5135 m

Fine, white, sandy beach surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation and granite cliffs. From here, there is a direct view of the Isole Nibani, which gives this bay its name. Nibani is Sardinian and means sea gulls. In fact, many of them do often circle the small group of islands offshore. From Pevero beach, you drive to this bay over a dirt road.

Cala di Volpe
5886 m

You will find this bay for swimming right in the heart of the Costa Smeralda, protected from the wind and with a view of the famous Cala di Volpe luxury hotel, an international meeting point for VIPs since the 1960s. If you can not do without your creature comforts, you will feel right at home here. Beach umbrellas and sun loungers can be hired. There are also bars and restaurants very close by. As described above, take the turn off for Cala di Volpe off the SP 94 heading towards Abbiadori. One hundred metres after the junction, turn right onto a dirt road and drive to the beach.

7 km

The famous Romazzino beach lies in front of the luxury hotel of the same name. It is a white sandy beach with a view of Isola Mortorio. Directions are the same as for Capo Capaccia beach. Park in the large car park on the right in front of the Romazzino Hotel and walk the few metres to the beach.

Capo Capaccia
7 km

A gorgeous beach surrounded by wild natural scenery that can be found in the small town of Romazzino. Drive from Porto Cervo towards Arzachena on the SP 59. At the town of Abbiadori, turn off towards Cala di Volpe and Romazzino. The beach is only a few hundred metres behind Hotel Romazzino. Follow the signs on foot.

Spiaggia del Principe
7 km

This beach was supposed to have been a special favourite of the founders of the Costa Smeralda, the Prince and Princess Karim Aga Khan IV. It is a fine sandy beach surrounded by pink-coloured granite rocks. Because of the shallow depth of the water, it is also suitable for small children. To get there, take the SP 59 until you reach the town of Abbiadori, then drive towards Cala di Volpe and Romazzino. After 2.4 km, just before Capriccioli, turn off left towards Romazzino. After a further 1.3 km, turn right, drive on for another 300 metres and then park in front of a barrier. Next, walk along the asphalt road for 250 metres and then turn right onto the footpath to the beach.

Liscia Rena
7 km

This small beach with crystal-clear waters is also located in Porto Cervo. It has coarse, light-coloured sand and pinkish granite rocks. From the centre of Porto Cervo, drive northwards on the Via Nibani until you get to the beach. The water is not very deep, making it ideal for small children.

Liscia Ruja
7 km

This sandy beach can be found in the town of the same name, Liscia Ruja. Drive along the coastal road to Olbia. Turn left at the signpost and drive to the beach along a dirt road through a rocky, hilly landscape. Beach umbrellas, sun loungers, pedal boats and motorboats can be hired. Ideal for small children.

Razza di Junco
10 km

Because of its fabulous setting, this beach has been designated as being of special value by Legambiente (the Italian environmental protection agency). It is located in an area of wetlands and owes its name to the reeds that grow there. Drive along the SP 94 coastal road towards Olbia and then turn off left to the beach.

Rena Bianca Costa Smeralda
10 km

This beach is also located in the town of Portisco. Extremely fine, brilliant white sand with small dunes behind the beach. Fabulous scenery of thick Mediterranean vegetation and pink-coloured granite rocks. Directions: drive along the SP 94 towards Olbia until you reach the Portisco sign. Here you turn off to the left and drive some 300 metres further to the beach. Beach umbrellas, sun loungers, pedal boats and motorboats can be hired. This bay is favoured by divers and windsurfers.

Punta di Volpe
12 km

Sand beach with an excellent view of the islands of Mortorio and Soffi. The crystal-clear water makes it a perfect place for snorkelling. To get here, take the direction towards Punta di Volpe and continue for about 750 metres after the car part. Take the walkway to the left that leads you to the bay.

12 km

This beach is very popular with VIPs. In fact, it owes its name to a famous German aristocrat, Ira von Fürstenberg, who used to stay in a villa here. In the summer months, the sea is crowded with the luxurious yachts of the Costa Smeralda´s high society. The beach is within walking distance of the centre of Porto Rotondo.

Punta Nuraghe
12 km

Sandy beach with a stunning view over the Golf of Cugnana. The bay is located at the East end of Porto Rotondo. Shallow water and thus very suitable for small children. Here you can rent umbrellas, sun beds and pedal boats.

Cala Sabina
15 km

The beach of Cala Sabina is located near the roundabout at the entrance of Golfo Aranci. It is a beautiful beach of white sand and clear, shallow water. The beach is surrounded by juniper berry trees and Mediterranean shrubs. There is a kiosk that offers various services and a car park.

Porto Pollo e Porto Liscia Sciumara
17 km

A must for any windsurfer, the beaches of Porto Pollo (also called Porto Puddu) and Porto Liscia Sciumara are separated from each other by a small peninsula (Isola dei Gabbiani) and can be found between Palau and Santa Teresa Gallura. Apart from full surfing kit, beach umbrellas, sun loungers, pedal boats and rubber dinghies can also be hired here. There are also various restaurants and beach bars. To get here take the SS 133. The way to the beaches is well signposted.

La Quinta Quarta e la Spiaggia (the fourth and fifth beaches)
17 km

The fourth and fifth beaches are not far from the village. These two beaches have fine sand and turquoise water. On the seabed you can see a mixture of sand and stones. There are also the banchi di Posidonia, a refuge for small fish. The two beaches are separated by a small bank of rocks. At the end you can see the Capo Figari and the island of Figarolo, picturesque spots for nature lovers.

La Terza Spiaggia (the third beach)
17 km

The third beach is located along the main road and is one of the most beautiful beaches in this area and can therefore become a bit crowded. The beach has fine white sand and overlooks the emerald green sea. As the water is very shallow for a long time, you can enjoy the magically transparent water. Furthermore, from here you have beautiful view of the island of Tavolara that majestically emerges out of the horizon. The lido offers a bar and is well equipped with beach chairs and beach umbrellas.

Baia Caddinas
17 km

Near the centre of Golfo Aranci is the Baia Caddinas beach, which has fine white sand and clear water. The beach is well equipped, and it is possible to rent sports equipment. You can also walk to a small tourist port.

Spiaggia Bianca
18 km

The white beach is located on the road from Olbia to Golfo Aranci. It is a beautiful beach with clean and clear turquoise water. The beach is about 100 metres long and is bounded laterally by two rock jetties. Behind the beach are dunes leading to the Mediterranean scrubland. In summer, the beach can become a little crowded as it has a lido.

La Prima e Seconda la Spiaggia (the first and second beaches)
18 km

Golfo Aranci's main beach is accessible from the main street to the city hall. It is one of the largest beaches and has bright, fine sand and crystal-clear water; it has a partly sandy, partly rocky seabed. Furthermore, one has a great view of the gulf and the island of Tavolara. The beach is well equipped with various kiosks and a free parking. The location is perfect because of its proximity to restaurants, pizzerias and the town centre. The second beach can also be reached from the main road, or alternatively by climbing over the low granite cliffs. This beach is smaller and partially equipped with beach chairs and beach umbrellas.

Cala Moresca
20 km

The beach is just a few miles east of Golfo Aranci towards Capo Figari, along the train tracks. Cala Moresca is not accessible by car, and the walk through the nature reserve is about 2.5 km long. At the end of the walk you reach a pine forest which overlooks the bay of Cala Moresca. Here you can marvel at the bay's two beaches, which are characterized by fine, golden sand. The emerald-coloured water along with the bright rocks offer a picturesque sight. In the background is the island of Figarolo, reachable only by boat. The island is the perfect habitat for mouflons because of the high and steep mountain walls. Behind the beach there is a disused brickworks, a museum piece of industrial architecture. Nearby there are little paths leading to Capo Figari, from where one has a splendid view of the gulf. One can also visit the cemetery of the castaways and the old lighthouse.

Nodu Pianu, Pittulongu, Bados
21 km

Nodu Pianu opens on a spectacular stretch of coast, just north of the Gulf of Olbia, which includes the towns of Pittulongu and Nodu Pianu up to the imposing profile the Capo Figari overlooking the Gulf of Golfo Aranci. This stretch of coast just south of the Costa Smeralda is characterized by pink granite rocks and splashes of Mediterranean green bushes, overlooked by the fascinating profile of the island of Tavolara, peaking out of the sea in the south east. On the beaches there are restaurants and bars, and you can rent chairs and beach umbrellas. Because of its proximity to the city (the villages are less than 5 km from the outskirts of Olbia), the two beaches tend to fill up, especially on weekends.

Stella Maris church
2112 m

The small church above the Porto Cervo marina was designed in 1969 by the architect Michele Busiri Vici. With its dazzling white plaster and conically shaped bell tower, it is a prime example of the architectural style of the Costa Smeralda. This style is a reinterpretation of Mediterranean architecture specially designed for the Costa Smeralda in perfect harmony with the coastal landscape. The access road is located above the harbour and is signposted.

Hotel Cala di Volpe
5899 m

A further example of the Costa Smeralda's architectural style is the famous Cala di Volpe 5-star hotel, which was finished in 1963. Here the architect Jacques Couëlle managed to recreate an oasis from "Thousand and One Nights', which is particularly impressive for the design and special layout of the hotel bedrooms - they all have a panoramic view of the sea, yet they are barely visible from outside. The hotel lies on a bay of the same name, Cala di Volpe, at the southern end of the Pevero Golf Club golf course.

Capo d’Orso and Roccia dell’Orso
9 km

Capo d'Orso offers a fabulous panoramic view of the straits between the coast at Palau and the islands of La Maddalena, Caprera and Santo Stefano. The cape is named after its huge granite rocks shaped like a bear, the Roccia dell' Orso. Every year, thousands of visitors go on a pilgrimage to this rocky monument, formed by the wind and the weather. From Palau, follow the signs to the "Roccia dell’Orso". It is not recommended to climb up to the rock during the midday heat, as the climb is quite tiring. Children should be suitably keen on climbing, and remember to take enough to drink with you.

Garibaldi's house - Isola Caprera
10 km

This small island owes its fame to one of Italy's most important men who spent the last years of his life here: Giuseppe Garibaldi. He unified Italy in 1859. His old estate is a much-visited museum today. Cross over to the island of La Maddalena using the car ferry from Palau. Caprera is linked to La Maddalena island by a bridge. Then follow the signs to Garibaldi's house.

Tempio di Malchittu and Albucciu Nuraghe
10 km

This Bronze Age holy temple site is situated inside an extensive archaeological site. Here one can also see several burial sites, as well as the Albucciu nuraghe. Nuraghi are stone towers that are thousands of years old, built out of boulders weighing many tons, and found exclusively on Sardinia. Drive from Arzachena towards Olbia on the SS 125. After about 600m, drive into the car park on the left hand side at "Nuraghe Albucciu" and then follow the signs on foot.

The archipelago of La Maddalena
11 km

The La Maddalena archipelago is situated in the north-east and consists of four major islands near the coast (Santo Stefano, Caprera, La Maddalena and Spargi) and three smaller ones, which lie north (Budelli, Razzoli and Santa Marina) and numerous small islets. You can visit La Maddalena and Caprera on your own or choose a guided tour.

Giants Tomb Coddu Vecchiu
16 km

The giant tombs are the largest pre-Nuragic cult sites in Sardinia. Like the great rock tombs, they are monuments of the ancient culture of the Nuragic civilization, the Bonnanaro culture. Coddu Vecchiu is one of the most impressive giant tombs from the Nuraghi period (1800-1600 BC). The actual tomb is almost 11 metres long. The central trench plate, which is over 4 metres high, is the largest one found in Sardinia. From Arzachena take the SS 427 towards Sant'Antonio di Gallura-Calangianus. After about 3 km turn right towards Luogosanto, continue for 1.8 km and then turn left towards Capichera. After a few hundred metres, park the car and walk on the right hand side of the road to the excavation site.

Tomba di Giganti di Li Lolghi
16 km

The overall structure of this almost 27 metre long mass grave is especially well preserved. Fifteen granite slabs were driven into the ground here several thousand years ago to form the boundary of this site to venerate the dead. Drive from Arzachena towards Bassacutena on the SP 115. After 4.5 km, turn left at the junction and drive some 2 km until you reach the excavations.

Dr Rupert Schragle
11 km

Dr Cornelia Seifert
16 km

Dr Beccu Marina
24 km

Il Portico- Porto Cervo
2789 m

A quiet bar in the Moroccan-Arab style

Paguro - Porto Rotondo
12 km

Bar directly at the port in Porto Rotondo. Here you can enjoy delicious drinks as well as good food with a view of the bustling harbour.

Weekly street market - Cannigione
6 km


Weekly street market - San Pantaleo
10 km

This market is always on Thursdays in this quaint little mountain village; local artists also offer their wares.

Weekly street market - Palau
11 km

This market takes place on Fridays and is especially good for buying Sardinian handicrafts. The food is a bit overpriced.

Weekly street market - Arzachena
12 km

This market always takes place on Wednesdays. There is a nice atmosphere in the old town with a nice view.

Weekly street market - Golfo Aranci
18 km

Every Monday and Saturday

Weekly street market - Olbia
24 km

Tuesdays and Saturdays in Piazza San Gallo (area V.le Aldo Moro)

Walk to the church of Madonna del Monte
17 km

The church of Madonna del Monte is a small rural church on the hill of Santa Maria di Figari. It is said that a ship captain promised to build it and consecrate it to Saint Mary if he and his crew were to reach the mainland after a shipwreck. He came and fulfilled his promise. The church now sits high up with a unique view over the Golfo di Marinella. From there you can reach the coastal road of Golfo Aranci, which leads in the direction of Golfo di Marinella. There is usually a worship service every first Sunday of the month.

Hike to the lighthouse from Capofigari
20 km

Trekking Capo Figari will reward you with breathtaking views! On a path past the sandy beach of Cala Moresca, you will reach the terrace of an old fortress after a few hours of walking. The fortress is also called 'semaforo Vecchio" (old traffic light) and is a former naval base dating back to the 1890. It is located on the cape at an altitude of 344 metres above the sea. Here Giuseppe Marconi experimented with success the broadcast of radio-telegraphic signals. From the top, you have a wonderful view over the islands Tavolara Figarolo, Mortorio and Golfo Aranci and with a little bit of luck, you will get to see some mouflons who pass through the Mediterranean shrubs.

Cemetrey of the castaways and Cala Greca
21 km

A walk from Cala Moresca the Cape of Punta Filasca takes you to the impressive "graveyard of the English" or "graveyard of the castaways". Here are the graves of sailors who over the centuries have become victims of shipwrecks. The walk continues to Cala Greca that has a pebbly beach, reddish cliffs and crystal-clear water.

Ospedale Civile San Giovanni di Dio - hospital
21 km

13 km

Rental of motorcycles, scooters, bicycles and cars.

RobyRace Rent
17 km

Car, motorcycle and bike hire. The bikes can be brought to your house upon request.

Servizi in Corso
18 km

Here you can hire cars, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles and dinghies.

La Colti - Cannigione
8 km

Sardinian cuisine in a rustic atmosphere in a higher price range. Located at the entrance to Cannigione coming from Olbia, on the left hand side.

Su Terrabinu - Olbia
14 km

Fish specialities and typical Sardinian cuisine.

Cervo Tennis Club
2807 m

This tennis club is in the centre of Porto Cervo. Five tennis courts tempt you to play a match, and if you want to buy a new tennis outfit in a hurry, then you will definitely find something suitable in the Sport Boutique.

Gallura Bike Point
19 km

Get to know the fabulous Costa Smeralda countryside by bike. Gallura Bike Point, the active holiday specialists, bring top-quality mountain bikes from Scott, Quantec or Stevens directly to your front door. It is best to book before travel commencement.

Polizia Porto Cervo
522 m

In Italy, both the police (Polizia di stato) and the Carabinieri can be contacted regarding thefts or car accidents.

Orsodive-Poloto Qualtu
746 m

The swimming base in the Poltu Quatu harbour is a platform used by the diving excursions that start in the morning in their well equipped rubber dinghies.

Polto Quatu Charter
1025 m

This boat rental is located in the Port dell'Orso in Poltu Quatu, between Liscia di Vacca and Baia Sardinia. It fits harmoniously into the natural estuary.

Yacht Club Costa Smeralda
2011 m

This yacht club's clubhouse is one of the most exclusive places in the world. It boasts an impressive terrace with wonderful views over the whole harbour.

2011 m

Exclusive sailing and motorboat charters since 1964

11 km

You can also visit La Maddalena and Caprera on your own (ferry departs hourly from the port in Palau) or choose a guided discovery trip.

Yacht Club Porto Rotondo
12 km

One of the first yacht clubs on the Costa Smeralda

Mare Fun
18 km

Boat and dinghy hire with or without a skipper, water sports and water park.

Blu Oltre la Prua - Golfo Aranci
18 km

For years, Blu oltre la Prua has been organizing unforgettable day trips for holidaymakers on the fishing boats Franco and Desideria. Experience a day as a fisherman, where you can watch and help with the fishing and then enjoy the delicious food. Swimming stops are provided on each excursion. The boats go to La Maddalena and the natural reserve of Tavolara. Departure daily from the port of Golfo Aranci at 9:00 returning at around 17:00.

Spinnaker - Liscia di Vacca
1320 m

On the SP59 between Liscia di Vacca and Porto Cervo. Here you can have breakfast or an ice cream, take away an informal lunch, drink delicious aperitifs or have dinner. They specialise in fish, but there are also meat dishes and stone oven pizzas available.

Il Pomodoro - Porto Cervo
2815 m

The "Tomato" is not just a culinary recommendation for its prices, which are reasonable for the Costa Smeralda.

I Frati Rossi - Loc. Pantogia
2915 m

A restaurant specializing in fish in a superb location with sea views from the terrace.

Gianni Pedrinelli - Loc. Sottovento-Porto Cervo
3681 m

A shrine for gourmets that offers Sardinian specialties and classic cuisine and has upmarket prices to match.

Dante-Loc. Sottovento - Porto Cervo
3887 m

Sardinian cuisine, sensible prices, friendly service. Coming from the north, it is on the left hand side of the road behind Porto Cervo.

Pizzeria La Vecchia Costa - Loc. La Punga
7 km

Traditional Sardinian cuisine and very good stone oven pizzas are served in the large dining room. There is a children's play park right in front of the restaurant.

Ristorante Enoteca Da Giovannino - Porto Rotondo
13 km

Trendy restaurant in the exclusive centre of Porto Rotondo. Be prepared to pay around € 50,00-60,00 per person.

Ristorante Lu Stazzu - Porto Rotondo
14 km

The food is served on a beautiful open terrace with sea views. The food ranges from local cheese varieties, to grilled meat and fish, to typical desserts and liqueurs.

Stella Di Gallura - Loc. Di Monte Ladu - Porto Rotondo
14 km

Sardinian cuisine as well as fish specialities and pizza.

Tenuta Pilastru - Loc. Pilastru
17 km

Situated in a building surrounded by large granite stones, this restaurant offers a wide range of dishes typical of the Gallura region. Meat and wines, as well as pasta dishes from their own production are still prepared and served according to traditional recipes.

La Terza Spiaggia - Golfo Aranci
17 km

Elegant ambience, a beautiful location and extraordinarily good food for those not looking to save money.

Lo Scorfano allegro - Golfo Aranci
17 km

This restaurant in a former kiosk offers good food right on the beach.

La Pecora Viziosa - Golfo Aranci
18 km

Welcoming atmosphere serving authentic, Naples-style pizza.

Ristorante La Lampara - Golfo Aranci
18 km

A family run business, they offer excellent fish dishes.

La Taverna del Lupo di Mare - Golfo Aranci
18 km

Restaurant and pizzeria with simple, but very tasty dishes.

Trattoria al Gambero Ghiotto - Golfo Aranci
18 km

Casual style restaurant, good fish dishes.

La Palma - Olbia
21 km

La Palma serves Sardinian cuisine for lunch and dinner. The fish served here comes from the sea and not from a fish farm. The fresh noodles and desserts are all homemade. The restaurant also offers a selection of delicious gluten-free dishes.

Pellicano d'Oro Beach Hotel Ristorante
22 km

This hotel has a fine restaurant, even mentioned in the Michelin guide. Here you can dine with a view of the sea. The entire hotel as well as the restaurant is aimed to please adult guests rather than families.

Lo Squalo Ristorante Pizzeria - Pittuloungu
22 km

Directly on the beach, they serve pizza, meat and fish dishes for lunch and dinner.

Osteria del Mare - Olbia
23 km

Restaurant with stylish furniture in the streets of Olbia. Enjoy well-made Sardinian specialties.

Il Gambero - Olbia
24 km

Situated in the historic centre of Olbia, this restaurant is unpretentious and has excellent food.

Pevero Golf Club
5906 m

An internationally famous 18-hole golf course. (72), 6107m located near the luxurious Hotel Cala di Volpe on the Capriccoli peninsula in a setting that leaves you breathless.

Dettori Market - Poltu Quatu
519 m

Near the Polto Quatu marina. Only open during the holiday season.

Dettori Market - Porto Cervo
2011 m

Marina Zone 9 - only open during the holiday season

Dettori Market-Abbiadori
4347 m

In northern Sardinia, nearly every small town a supermarket belonging to the Dettori Market chain. They always have a good selection, and most have a counter for fresh meat, sausages and sometimes fish. In the small town of Abbiadori, one is located only a couple hundred metres away from the Pevero golf course. Open all year round.

Dettori Market - Cannigione
11 km

There are precisely three Dettori Markets here; one of them is open all year round and the other two in summer. They can all be found in the Via Nazionale, in the town centre.

Dettori Market - Arzachena
12 km

There are also three Dettori Markets here, all of them on the main road through the town. The two larger ones can be found at the entrance to the town (coming from Olbia), and there is a smaller one leaving town (driving towards Palau). They are all open all year round. 1) Via Gjaseppa di Scanu snc 2) Viale Costa Smeralda 3) Loc. Malgianu

Rudargia - Porto Rotondo
13 km

Small supermarket from the chain Nonna Isa in the centre of Porto Rotondo.

Pirina Market - P.Rotondo
15 km

Grocery shop in the village of Golfo di Marinella very close to the beach of the same name. Located about 2.5 km from the centre of Porto Rotondo.

LD Discount - Golfo Aranci
17 km

Market Fasolino Snc Di Fasolino Renata &C - Golfo Aranci
18 km

Pirina Market - Olbia
22 km

Wind and Kitesurfing
688 m

There is surfboard and kite rental on many of the Costa Smeralda's beaches during the summer months. Porto Pollo, to the west of Palau, is an absolute must for any surfer. There is windsurf hire on the Isola dei Gabbiani.

Sporting Club Sardinia
16 km

Windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing: lessons and rental, boat excursions, a beach bar and great beach parties. Everything for an active holiday at the sea can be found here.

Orsodive-Poloto Qualtu
756 m

The Orsodive diving centre is about 2.5 km from Porto Cervo, in the Poltu Quatu marina.

Proteus Diving Centre
2104 m

Nautilus Diving centre
11 km

Centro Sub - Portorotondo
12 km

From scuba diving to snorkelling to professional dives, this dive centre offers everything.

Ira Diving Club
12 km

Porto Rotondo's first diving centre, managed by Corrado Caboni.

Centro Immersioni Figarolo - Golfo Aranci
18 km

They organise scuba diving courses, hiking, mountain bike trips, dolphin watching and boat trips.

Alpha Diving centre - Golfo Aranci
18 km

They organise guided dives, professional diving courses, snorkelling, dolphin watching and mermaiding (mermaid swimming).

Marina dell'Orso - Poltu Quatu
987 m

This harbour can be found between Liscia di Vacca and Baia Sardinia and fits in harmoniously with the natural environment of its bay.

Please visit us there:

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