Regions of Sardinia


Regions in Sardinia
Regions in Sardinia
Regions in Sardinia
Regions in Sardinia
Sardinia is a place where you can still have an idyllic vacation and discover wonderful places that lie off the beaten track. The island, which is elongated in shape, extends from north to south. The vegetation of Sardinia’s northern and southern regions varies quite a bit as do the island’s cultural traditions, and Sardinians have adapted to these differences in their natural environment. The best known area in Sardinia is Costa Smeralda with its unique small sandy beaches nestled among many different types of cliffs that border the coast’s numerous bays. Portobello , a cluster of lovely villas containing rental apartments, is typical of the accommodations available in the north of Sardinia.

Located on Sardinia’s east coast a half hour south of Olbia, San Teodoro  has reinvented itself. Once a simple fishing village, it is now a popular resort town. This is mainly attributable to the nearby beaches, particularly La Cinta with its superlative three kilometer-long stretch of white sand. Not far to the south on the SS125 you come upon Nuoro , the capital city of the eponymous province that extends across the center of Sardinia from the east to the west coasts. This is the region people head directly to when they’re interested in discovering Sardinia at its most genuine. Perdasdefogu  is another place where visitors can discover the real Sardinia. Surrounded by ancient holm-oak trees, this village is nestled in the Sardinian mountains between the historic Oligastra and Salto de Quirra regions.

The island’s topography changes considerably as you travel south. Muravera  is set in a hilly landscape and is bordered by large lagoons where pink flamingos and many other avian species can often be seen. Torresalinas , 7 km away, consists of a group of sea-front villas located on a stretch of Sardinia’s southern coast that lies off the beaten path. In contrast to Torresalinas, Costa Rei , which is located further to the south, has become a magnet for tourism but has lost none of its charm. Located about 50 km south of the island’s capital city of Cagliari , Costa Rei (“King’s coast”) offers visitors crystal clear waters that are almost surrealistically aquamarine in color, and long white sandy beaches. Villagio Rocca Sant' Elmo , which is nestled in an unspoiled natural area at the tip of Costa Rei, was built in the 1990s. Here, Vito Sonzogni’s ingenious and prize winning architecture enables the buildings to blend in seamlessly with their natural surroundings. 

 is a picturesque former fishing village. Geremeas  is also every vacationer’s dream of the perfect place to be. A mere 30 km to the east of the hubbub of Sardinia’s capital city of Caligari , this resort is located on a section of coastline that is not visible from the coastal road and offers the loveliest long white sandy beaches imaginable.

Is Molas  is set in an exquisite landscape consisting of intensely green maquis, pine forests and lush flowering vegetation including palms and cacti. The view of the sea, the Pula  flatland and the mountains is magnificent.

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