Letters from Sardinia


Toro sacro
Toro sacro
Sardinia's traditions, history, and folklore are now on the threshold of their third millennium.

Sardinia greets the Year 2000 with its dolmen, its thousand year old nuraghi, and with the magic of its rituals, born from the earth of one of the oldest lands on our planet.

Sardinia greets the Year 2000 with a kaleidoscope of traditional costumes and the strains of its "launeddas," a typical Mediterranean reed instrument.

The Year 2000 is greeted by Sardinia''s residents, people who hold nature''s beauty in the highest esteem, the beauty of crystal-clear waters, forests, rivers, and silver mountains, like the peak of Punta La Marmora, from which one can behold the whole land.

Sardinia''s old customs, the culture and untouched nature, which is exceptional throughout Europe, is reflected in an unique manner in the todays modern life. Its cultural roots are evident in the people with whom we work - people who have been steeped in Sardinia''s traditions, who love the land and know it inside out. Join us and our sardinian friends in the new millenium and share together with uns this uniqueness of Sardinia!

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