Letters from Sardinia

Letters from Sardinia

We love Sardinia - an island so diverse it is unlike any other on Earth. Every year we are happy to present our traditional Christmas "Letter from Sardinia."
Wein Eminas Brief aus Sardinien
With our letter from Sardinia this year, we want to introduce you to Sardinia‘s most famous wine: Cannonau. It is believed to have existed since the time of the Nuraghi, making this glorious wine about 3000 years old. This is a wine whose trademark is its history...  
Mercato di San Benedetto
With our letter from Sardinia this year, we want to introduce you to Mercato di San Benedetto, the market of the Holy Benedikt...  
Die Klänge der Launeddas vonLuigi Lai
With this year's letter from Sardinia, we would like to introduce you to a Sardinian musician with a world-wide reputation. Luigi Lai has the following to say about his instrument, the oldest wind instrument in the Mediterranean area: "The launeddas is my life". It is also the most harmonious voice of Sardinia, the jewel of the Mediterranean...  
Brief aus Sardinien Keramik der Emilia Palomba
In this letter, we would like to introduce you to the contemporary ceramic works of the famous Sardinian artist Emilia Palomba. Her workshop is currently in Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, but she previously also worked in Rome and Venice. The studio in Cagliari is always worth a visit...  
From dark to light
This year we send our letter from Sardinia with the paintings and words of Maria Lai, the most important living artist on Sardinia, who is now more than 90 years old. She says to you, 'I am happy if I am able to give you, at this moment of global insecurity, the feeling of holding the sun in your hand, – “tenendo per mano il sole” – and to feel the longing for the skies, since it is the sun and the skies that give us first knowledge and then growth for happier living.'...  
We are shown gorgeous Sardinian women in their traditional costumes being one of the most precious attractions of this sunny and maritime island. Mark the rich details, the golden embroideries, the handmade headpieces, the wedding gowns, and evening dresses in kaleidoscopic colors. Observe the young women’s jewelry made of gold and silver, crafted most delicately by skilled artisans. Colors and jewels gleaming at the famous festivals in all the towns and villages of the island...  
Dario Sestu is a stone mason. Looking at his hands, one is struck by the observation that his fingers appear to be composed of granite, the stone which makes up Sardinia itself. When you''re on the island, you''re not only captivated by the...  
Cove in Cala Luna
The Gem of the Mediterranean: the Ogliastra We all love Sardinia, a wonder of nature. Everything that the island offers in the way of beauty can be connected within one stretch of land: turquoise water, breathtaking cliffs, fairytale grottos,...  
We all love Sardinia, this wonder of nature. The turquoise sea, the white sands, the undisturbed countryside, the picturesque rocky coasts and the typical small villages in thecountryside with their friendly people and beloved traditions.But who actually knows something about the centuries ofhistory that have transpired...  
'Miele Amaro' is the title of one of the most interesting books about Sardinia. The author, Salvatore Cambuso (1895-1962), was a distinguished journalist and a keen observer of Sardinian life and everyday Sardinian culture. 'Miele Amaro' shows Sardinia as it really is, bitter and sweet, colourful and rich in contrasts, a...  
One can only begin to imagine what special forms the tradition of jewelry making takes in Sardinia when looking at the valuable ornamented gold and silver gems pictured here. Singular in the world for its mineral richness, the island contains a wealth and collection of jewels that is unparalleled among other lands...  
Pan di Zucchero
Sardinia's hidden treasures People say that Sardinia is an island with an incredible diversity. Just think of Sardinia's historic mines, which were recently declared by UNESCO to be World Heritage Sites. Mining in Sardinia has a history that spans over two thousand years. The...  
Sardinia is not just a beautiful island in the Mediterranean, spoiled by the sun and bathed by the sea. Sardinia, the island of the Nuraghi, is also a land of arts, rich in impressive examples of painting, sculpture and architecture...  
Sardinia is a sun-filled island with emerald green fjords, remote coves and towering cliffs rising out of the sea. But thanks to its huge forests and renowned nature reserves, Sardinia is also a very green island – an unspoiled paradise for hikers and nature...  
In Sardinia "in the name of the bread" is an oath, for bread is held as truly sacred. The baking of bread is itself a religious act, a ritual in which many Sardinian families celebrate on special occaisions, even year round. There are Christmas and Easter breads, funeral and wedding breads. In a village by the name of Paulilatino, in...  
Toro sacro
Sardinia's traditions, history, and folklore are now on the threshold of their third millennium. Sardinia greets the Year 2000 with its dolmen, its thousand year old nuraghi, and with the magic of its rituals, born from the...  
Sagra degli agrumi
"Sagra degli agrumi" At Christmas time, Sardinia is awash in the earthy aromas of nature and the scent of orange blossoms. As if out of a painting, the landscape radiates the intense green of orange-tree branches, which, by December, are laden with white, star-shaped...  
Wonderous ruins from the Nuraghi period hide in Lanaittotal in the rugged, mountaineous region of Supramonte, not far from Oliena and the Hotel Su Gologne. Upon looking over these culture remains, the uniqueness of the Nuraghi culture becomes evident. In a pre-Christian period (about 1800-500 B.C.), the entire...  

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