History of Sardinia


Phoenicians in Tharros
Ruins near Nora
Roman Amphitheatre
Toro Sacro

The first Phoenicians came to Sardinia for trade, but realised soon that their profits could be more than doubled without the Nuraghi people. Not giving it a second thought they invaded the island. This is how in 700 BC the submission of the Sardinian people by ever changing conquerors began. The Sardinians were too weak to defend themselves, so they just learned to put up with their foreign lords – without ever really adapting their own ways or traditions.  

The Phoenicians were followed by the Carthaginians, who quickly got replaced by the Romans. Of course all of these different cultures left traces on Sardinia, which can still be seen today and give this island such a cultural diversity. You can feel Roman presence in many different places. There are important Roman remains at Porto Torres – a city which they founded -, including a bridge still in use. You can also marvel at various ruins in the former Roman city of Nora on the South coast.

With the descent of the Roman Empire in 500 AC, Sardinia got taken over by the African Vandals. They got quickly defeated and chased off the island by the Byzantine empire. The influence of Byzantine culture can still be admired in some of Cagliaris churches, San Saturno, or San Giovanni di Sinis and Sant’Antioco.

Routes of the history and culture of Sardinia.

It is possible to download a travel guide to Sardinian cultural heritage.

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