History of Sardinia


Sardinia has many historical treasures to offer: Nuraghes, Domus de Janas (pre-histroic rock chamber tombs), stone formations and giant graves. 
Villaggio Su Nuraxi
Nuraghi, domus de janas (“house of the fairies” or “house of the witches,” actually tombs carved into the rock face), stone age burial sites and so-called giant’s graves (tombe dei giganti) all bear mute witness to long-vanished cultures. Sardinia has been inhabited since the stone age, with the latest findings dating...  
Phoenicians in Tharros
The first Phoenicians came to Sardinia for trade, but realised soon that their profits could be more than doubled without the Nuraghi people. Not giving it a second thought they invaded the island. This is how in 700 BC the submission of the Sardinian people by ever changing conquerors began. The Sardinians were too weak to...  
Sorres Porto Torres
As Arab conquerors gained increasing dominion over Sardinia, the inhabitants moved inland and managed to wrest at least some autonomy from Byzantium. This was also a period of ascendancy in Sardinian art, culture and religion, as exemplified by the magnificent Romanesque churches built from the tenth century...  
The island of Sardinia belongs to the oldest svathes of land on this planet. It is said to be a fragment of Tirrenide, the continent that was lost in the sands of time. Today, however, Sardinia is at the forefront of technology. Europe´s main ISP, Tiscali, with headquarters on the island, was named after a grotto in the...  

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