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Wild horseback riding events, secular parades and religious processions and pilgrimages featuring colourful traditional costumes: in Sardinia, festivals that mix the sheer joy of life with pagan myths and Christian beliefs are year-round occurrences. These events provide visitors with an opportunity to learn about a culture whose authenticity is unique in today’s world. The vocal and instrumental music, as well as the dance seen and heard at many of the festivals, bear testimony to the influence of an astonishing array of Mediterranean cultures and customs which live on through these events. Calendar and informations about festival and sagre in Sardinien.

Carnival, the first major festival of the year, is held in February throughout the island. The original traditions of Sardinian Carnival are adhered to particularly strongly in the mountainous regions. In Barbagia, il Carnevale Barbaricino is intimately related to the everyday lives of the region’s farmers and shepherds. Wild characters wearing ferocious masks enact a dramatic pitched battle between human beings and natural forces known as “driving out winter.”

The Sartiglia in Oristano is a colourful horseback riding event that takes place during Carnival. Masked horsemen must pierce an iron star at a gallop with their drawn sword, and the more times they can accomplish this, the better as it is believed that the fate of the town hinges on the rider’s skill.

Sardinia’s most famed religious festival has its origins in an ancient vow. Since the 17th century, Sagra di Sant Efisio has been celebrated on the first of May. Thousands of residents of Caligari don their traditional garb to participate in a 40 kilometer-long pilgrimage to Pula in honor of St. Efisio. The event is truly a fantastic spectacle. We offer you beautiful villas and hotels near Pula.

Easter in Sardinia is the most important religious holiday of the year. The Sardinians call it Sa Pasca Manna (big Easter festival), while Christmas is relegated to the status of mere Paschixedda (small Easter festival). To witness one of Sardinia’s genuinely captivating mystery processions during Easter week is an experience never to be forgotten, and it is even said that some spectators are so moved by the event that they turn to religion in their daily lives.

Informations about festivals, fairs and events in Italy

A modern-times festival takes place every beginning of September in the beautiful village of Santa Lucia on the eastern coast of Sardinia, between Olbia and Arbatax . The four-day Festadelmare is a music and artistic festival and an exciting mixture of culture, shows, concerts, exhibitions and workshops, all designed to raise environmental awareness, always with a special focus on the sea.

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