Letters from Sardinia

The ceramic dreams of Emilia Palomba

Brief aus Sardinien Keramik der Emilia Palomba
Brief aus Sardinien Keramik der Emilia Palomba
Brief aus Sardinien: Keramik der Emilia Palomba
Brief aus Sardinien: Keramik der Emilia Palomba
In this letter, we would like to introduce you to the contemporary ceramic works of the famous Sardinian artist Emilia Palomba. Her workshop is currently in Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, but she previously also worked in Rome and Venice. The studio in Cagliari is always worth a visit.

Take an hour out and immerse yourself in the colours of the four seasons, from the region of Sulcis to Gallura, from Ogliastra to Barbagia. In her works, you‘ll discover the colour worlds of Sardinia: the colours of the sea, the ochre and red of porphyry, the greens of the macchia, the cardinal red of the fruits of the strawberry bush, the blue of thistle blossoms, every shade of orange, nuances of blueviolet rosemary blossoms, the yellow of sunflowers or of the fragrant helichrysum bush and glossy black.

The hands of Emilia Palomba create works of art from clay that are prehistoric and contemporary at the same time, making creative use of gilded alumina, Plexiglas, opals and corals to turn these materials into small sculptures. She has drawn on the thousand-year tradition of Sardinia, like many other Sardinian artists who work with clay and are world-famous. She has designed fashion jewellery for women, decorating bangles and necklaces with gold and silver, sometimes shaped into snakes, which are honoured in Sardinia because they are never poisonous. And she created the bristly wild boar on our title page, an animal that is regarded as king of the Sardinian forests. There is also a wealth of vases and multi-coloured plates. A leading Sardinian journalist, Vittorino Fiori, wrote of Emilia Palomba: „Treasures in alumina and gold leap from her imagination with elements taken from geology and archaeology. She draws a picture of Sardinia that only exists in dreams. Dreams that come true with Emilia Palomba.“

Enjoy the virtual tour of the studio of Emilia Palomba.

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