Windsurfing in Sardinia



With 2000 km of coastline and winds from every direction, Sardinia is a paradise for windsurfers and kitesurfers. Although the North is best known amongst surfers, the South can also offer fantastic wind and wave conditions. Over the past few years, a steady stream of kite- and windsurfing schools and centres have sprung up at well-loved windsurf spots, for examply Kite Generation or windplay "High Quality Fun" in South-Sardinia. If you are going to lesser known windsurf areas be sure to take your own equipment.

Porto Pollo (also known as Porto Puddu) near Palau is renowned as one of the best windsurfing destinations in Europe and is without doubt the best in Sardinia. Porto Pollo’s three main pulls are its expansive white sandy beaches, turquoise water and consistent winds. Both the Chirocco wind from the Sahara and the Maestrale wind from the North-West blow in the area, thus ensuring almost constant perfect windsurfing conditions. This is not the right place for beginners or for those of you looking for some peace and quiet. However, those of you not planning on trying it out yourselves may nevertheless enjoy the sight of so many colourful sails gliding over glistening waters.

Chia, with its juniper bloated sand dunes and translucent blue waters in southern Sardinia, also attracts a fair share of windsurfers to its shores. The thermal Chiricco wind blowing up from the South ensures solid conditions for most of the summer. When the Tra Montana wind blows down from the North, both windsurfers and surfers can look forward to sets of waves rolling in onshore. However, the Tra Montana hardly blows in the summer and very rarely during the rest of the year. Chia is also a good starting point for trips to other parts of the area. Two favourite spots amongst the locals are Santa Margherita di Pula (south of Cagliari) and Porto Pino (north-westerly, beyond Teulada).

When the Maestrale blows particularly hard from the North-West, the west coast around Oristano becomes a surprisingly good surf spot. The kilometre-long Poetto beach in Cagliari also gets a substantial amount of windsurfers when winds are high. Villasimius belongs to one of the best spots on the South-Est coast and the Costa Rei also shouldn’t be underestimated if the wind is right. Here you can find villas and hotels on Costa Rei.

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