Diving in Sardinia



Sardinia’s underwater world is just as diverse and varied as its island scenery. Every year diving fans are lured to Sardinia by its striking coastlines, translucent water, abundant sunshine, sunken Roman galleys, rugged rocks and rare shells. Almost a hundred ship wrecks lie deep under the waters of Villasimius. Not far away is the marine reservation of capo Carbonara, which stretches from Capo Boi to the island of Serpentera. Despite being a popular diving destination, especially in the summer months, Sardinia’s underwater world remains biologically sound. Divers and snorklers are wonderstruck by the gigantic cowries and multitude of fish, turtles and dolphins to be found here.

Old ships’ vestiges lay scattered on the ocean floor of the Capo Spartivento, off the untouched Baia Chia in Sardinia’s South West. A little bit further out you can marvel at the swarming fish on two shallow reefs. Not much further away is Cala Cipolla, seven granite rock reefs habituated by colourful coral polyps and molluscs at a depth of 25 metres. Here you can find villas and hotels in Southern Sardinia.

In the North-West of the island around Capo Caccia, an underwater labyrinth of caves and tunnels with bizarre stalactites and colourful corals, awaits your exploration.

Diving expeditions to the Archipels of La Maddalena National Park are organised from Capriccioli on the Costa Smeralda. This nature protected area is rampant with reefs and with a seaweed covered sandy sea bed at only 10 metres in depth, is perfect for beginners and snorklers.

There are countless other dive sites around Sardinia and many coastal resorts have competent dive centres where you can do a course, rent equipment and take guided tours.

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