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Beach of Costa Smeralda

Baia Sardinia

Baja Sardinia - Gallura – a breathtaking vacation landscape

The region of Gallura is situated in the northeast side of Sardinia, surrounded by turquoise water and smaller islands just off the coast. Gallura is known for its bizarre wind-sculpted granite rocks, barren headlands, rugged mountains of the Limbara Massif, and charming, unaffected inland villages. Sheltered by a wide cove with crystal-clear water and ultrafine sand, Baja Sardinia is one of Gallura's most popular destinations for swimming and vacationing.  The area that was once "Cala Battistòni" in Gallic is only 4 kilometers from Porto Cervo and 30 kilometers from the harbor or airport in Olbia.

It is a fantastic starting point for excursions by boat to the neighboring island archipelago of Spargi, Budelli, La Maddalena as well as along the Costa Smeralda. The strip of ocean surrounding Baja Sardinia is practically designed for many pleasurable hours in natural wilderness: One can sail through the water on private boats while stopping at several islands to enjoy the scenery. The underwater world around nearby Capo Testa is one of the ten best diving areas in the world. Caves are shaped by gigantic granite boulders that are partly covered with red corals (corallium rubrum). Red gorgonian fans are growing on the escarpments and rock formations looking like Swiss cheese are famous for this area. A constant current in the Straits of Bonifacio gives you a visibility of 50 m for most of the time. It is this crystal clear water with its shades of light blue to emerald green that is so unique in the Mediterranean for which this stretch of coastline is so world-renowned. Here you can see a huge variety of the Mediterranean fauna.

The region of Gallura is also a paradise for cyclists, because of the ups and downs of the narrow country roads where, all of a sudden, a view of the sea or a tiny country church appear out of nowhere. The scent of the Mediterranean scrub fills the air and the colours of unspoilt natural beauty complete this idyllic picture, helping you to leave all your worries behind.

But Baja Sardinia also has plenty of nightlife. "Ritual," on of the top 7 discos in Europe, and numerous piano bars as well as events with singing, dancing and shows on Baja Sardinia's Piazetta provides plenty of entertainment during the high season. Another exclusive venue is Phi Beach in Forte Cappellini which is open all day. However, especially during sunset it offers an incomparable panorama and becomes therefore even more fascinating.

The silhouette of Alghero behind the city wall refelected in the calm sea


Alghero - Sardinia of the Catalan conquerors and coral. Alghero is one of the liveliest, exhilarating towns in Sardinia. Formerly a Catalan enclave, it’s impossible not to fall in love with its picturesque old town, mix of architectural cultures and jewellery crafted from its world-famous coral.


Beach of Portobello with the Villas in the background


Portobello - a beautifully peaceful village in the north of Sardinia. Portobello is an oasis of calm: the exclusive holiday resort on the northern tip of Sardinia is an amalgamation of 200 upmarket villas in a landscape conservation area. It faces Corsica and enchants with gorgeous beaches and the unspoiled nature of Gallura.


Beach Romazzino, Costa Smeralda

Costa Smeralda

Costa Smeralda - idyllic beaches with a touch of luxury. In Costa Smeralda, it’s not just the sea that’s exclusive: the Caribbean-like beaches welcome tourists and the jet-set elite alike. The upmarket residential architecture uses Sardinian materials and the illustrious town of Porto Cervo has always been the life and soul of the party.


View through an arcade on the harbour of Porto Rotondo

Porto Rotondo

Porto Rotondo - a luxurious fusion of yachts and idyllic beach life. Porto Rotondo is the perfect example of upmarket Sardinia. Imposing mansions owned by famous celebrities, a stylish marina and fine, sandy beaches otherwise only seen in dreams exude luxurious charm. Its elegant shops and restaurants bring a generous serving of glamorous dolce far niente.


Harbour of Golfo Aranci at sunrise

Golfo Aranci

Golfo Aranci - idyllic bays and dolphin watching. Golfo Aranci is a fishing village near Olbia with daily ferry connections. Here, life is enjoyed at a slower pace than in the city, and its idyllic beaches with turquoise water are the perfect place to relax. And Golfo Aranci’s small harbour is also the ideal spot for dolphin watching.


View from Olbia towards the impressive isle of Tavolara


Olbia - Sardinian flair that fuses city chic and idyllic beach. Olbia is a lively city in north-east Sardinia. Those who arrive by air or sea are immediately whirled into the midst of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Small, winding streets alternate with upmarket shopping precincts, whilst the bay of Olbia awaits with its truly breathtaking beaches.


The isle of Tavolara just in front of the beach of Porto Taverna

Porto S. Paolo

Porto San Paolo - paradisical beaches, hiking trails and islands. Porto San Paolo enjoys a particularly idyllic location in north-east Sardinia: not far from Olbia, it presents a fascinating fusion of beautiful little bays and diverse hinterland landscapes for hikers. Just ten minutes away, the islands Tavolara and Molara offer breathtaking scenery.


Crystalclear seawater on the beach of La Cinta close to San Teodoro

San Teodoro

San Teodoro - dream beaches and lively nightlife in northern Sardinia. San Teodoro is a vibrant tourist destination south of Olbia. The former fishing village is a hub of activity with Caribbean-style beaches, diverse sports, lively clubs and sophisticated bars. The hinterland offers untouched nature and pure relaxation.


Cala Liberotto


Orosei - a picturesque old town, stunning bay and hiking paradise. Orosei is a charming town on the east coast of Sardinia. Typical Sardinia: the alleys smell of traditional bread, baking and other delicacies; discreet, stunning beaches fringe the town. And the coastal nature reserve and hinterland are a hiker’s paradise.




Tortoli - the gateway to nature on Sardinia's east coast. The town Tortoli unites holiday flair with fascinating nature. A lively harbour, the red rocks of Arbatax and the beautiful beaches of Ogliastra: the heart of Sardinia’s east coast exudes Mediterranean diversity.


Profile of woman in typical sardinian costume with filigree jewellery


Muravera - home of lemons and tranquil beaches. Muravera is a small town, picturesquely situated in the fertile foothills of Sarrabus. Renowned all over the island for its aromatic oranges and lemons, Muravera captivates with its idyllic beaches that offer the perfect balance of liveliness and relaxation. The famous Costa Rei is also part of Muravera.


Beach of Torre Salinas

Torre Salinas

Torre Salinas - a peaceful village on the beach near Muravera. Torre Salinas is a pretty holiday resort on the south-east coast of Sardinia. The group of holiday villas is located directly on the sea, harmoniously embedded in nature. The expansive, sandy beach offers unadulterated relaxation, the finest bathing pleasure and abundant opportunities for romantic strolls along the seafront.


Costa Rei, a 10 km long beach in the southeast of Sardinia

Costa Rei

Costa Rei - idyllic beaches and lively ambience in south-east Sardinia. On Costa Rei, beach holidays become an unforgettable experience: the ‘King’s Coast’ stretches from Sant’Elmo to Capo Ferrato, offering never-ending sandy beaches punctuated with small, rocky bays. The tourist resort of Costa Rei unites Mediterranean lifestyle with a wide range of sports activities to guarantee a truly perfect holiday.


Main square and meeting place of the complex Sant Elmo

Sant Elmo

Sant’Elmo - beautiful beachfront villagio near Costa Rei. Sant’Elmo is a self-contained, small village of exclusive holiday apartments. The award-winning architecture of the homes blends in perfectly with nature - in a car-free zone, directly on the white sandy beach of Sant’Elmo. The ultimate in relaxation!


Cala Sinzias

Cala Sinzias

Cala Sinzias is the beach of everyone’s dreams: brilliant white sand, crystal-clear water and rich green unite in an enchanting play of colours. Nestled between Monte Macioni and Sant’Elmo lies a peaceful, untouched area that is still an insider's secret in Sardinia.


Porto Giunco


Villasimius - stunning beaches and nightlife in southern Sardinia. Villasimius is a charming fusion of picturesque beaches, hip nightlife and historical culture: the former fishing village on the south-west tip of Sardinia is guaranteed to impress with its bays, chic clubs and typical Sardinian way of life.


Torre delle Stelle

Torre delle Stelle

Torre delle Stelle - a relaxed holiday destination in south Sardinia. With its laid-back atmosphere, it’s impossible not to fall in love with Torre delle Stelle. The pretty holiday village in the south of Sardinia was created around 30 years, framed by two stunning, sandy beaches. Translating as ‘Star Tower’, it welcomes celebs and holidaymakers alike.




Cagliari embodies Sardinia’s lust for life in all its facets. With its winding alleys, grand architecture and idyllic location skirted by the sea, the island’s capital city is easy to fall in love with. Whether you want to shop til you drop or relax on Poetto beach, Cagliari is one of the most beautiful spots in Sardinia.


Sandbucht von Nora


Pula in southern Sardinia: small, colourful and full of life. In Pula, Sardinia's charm shines for all to see - with Mediterranean flair, exciting festivals, fresh markets and plenty of sun. Everyday life between the Piazzetta, old town and sea is an exhilarating flurry of activity. What’s more, the idyllic beaches of southern Sardinia are just a stone's throw away.


Nora | Is Molas

Is Molas

Is Molas - discover Sardinia’s untouched nature. Is Molas is one of the most beautiful areas of Sardinia: peace, relaxation and unspoiled nature await you. Is Molas is located on a hill, offering breathtaking views of the azure and the plain of Pula.




Chia - a quaint village nestled between beach and dunes. Chia is a pretty tourist destination on Sardinia’s south coast and is renowned for its paradisical Caribbean-style beach backed by juniper-clad dunes. Chia is perfect for those looking for a beach holiday - yet still only 18 km from the vibrant capital of Cagliari.


Pan di Zucchero


Sant’Antioco - island charm and gorgeous bays off the southern coast of Sardinia. Sant’Antioco is an offshore island near Carbonia-Igelesias on the south-west tip of Sardinia. With its rugged, rocky coast, the inviting waters of its beautiful bays and a pretty village, it’s always worth a visit. It’s also a great starting point to explore the west coast of Sardinia.


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